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The previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super came out a few days ago, and anyone pre-asked about future themes within the manga with the current Granola, Survivor Epic.

Now readers are very excited to check out the next chapter, that’s why today we’re going to talk about the awesome Dragon Ball 76 bankruptcy, where we can talk about its release date, undercooked spoilers, worthwhile spoilers, and reliable ways to read it. Let’s start without any addition to it.

Previously in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

The conflict between Vegeta and the Granola will become more consistent as Vegeta realizes he has gone too far and fires an effective double cannon, but the Granola keeps staying up against, considering Vegeta’s.

Vegeta is surprised looking at the granola straight up and makes the decision to give up the fight, strengthening and throwing a sphere of destruction that he says will smash everything he touches.

In the way of fighting this chance, the granola develops his different eye, which gives him the energy to break Vegeta’s attack and shake the planet inside the machine.

Granola ironically thanks Vegeta for helping him awaken his true potential and boasts that, with the development of each of his eyes now, he can counter anything Vegeta throws at him now.

date of publication

Chapter 76 of the pending Dragon Ball game will be released on Sunday, September 19, 2021. Moreover, professional English subtitles will be released on September 20, 2021.

Release time

Now for our worldwide target market, legitimate English translations of contemporary bankruptcy will be available by the following date and time at those international locations:

Pacific Time: 9 AM

Live time: 11 a.m.

British time: 5 PM

Chapter 76

The initial scans for Chapter 76 of the amazing Dragon Ball game have yet to be released. Uncooked scans usually pop up around Thursday or Friday as soon as the initial scans are available, and we can replace the article.

The surveys were leaked from Japan and subsequently translated by translators from all over the sector and then posted online by them.

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