PUBG 13.2 patch update adds two new weapons, P90 and Blue Zone Grenade


In this update, we are adding our fan favorite p90 smg to our care packages. The p90 is the first smg of our sponsorship deal because of Tommy’s special rifle, and as such, we positively made it a worthwhile addition.

Comes loaded with its own five. 7mm redundant ammo, which is able to fight longer variety, unlike various smgs. It also comes with a cheek pad, hand guard, laser, and a muffler that is pre-installed and non-detachable.

In addition, dual-action optics allow for instant switching between versatility and variety combat. Use the holographic view of nearby enemies and turn towards the other view to gain a zoom in on them when they run for it.

It comes paired with 250 rounds of five. 7mm ammo in care package. One magazine holds up to 50 rounds that you (and your enemies) can see burning live while firing due to the mag’s translucent design.

With a semi-transparent mag that keeps you aware of the burner’s overpriced and lasers that support you in keeping the song of your targets, the P90 is a stable addition to your gear.

Introducing the brand new, exceptional, on-the-go pick-up truck! The porter is the Hyundai motor company’s advisory commercial truck, which was first delivered in 1977.

Because then he was carrying many sporting loads based on his strong fundamentals and his extraordinary durability. It is the most useful car on pubg that is available with the trunk machine, a new feature that is being delivered below.

The Porter is a truck capable of carrying huge loads and up to four passengers at the same time. Get your bird dinner with a porter that can run trouble-free on any shape of terrain with the help of the permanent four-wheeled machine.

PUBG Patch 13.2 Weapons

The p90 features its own 5.7mm ammo, comes with a cheek pad, handguard, silencer, is laser pre-mounted and is also non-detachable.

In the sponsorship package deal, the rifle will come paired with 250 rounds with 5.7mm ammo and each mag carries 50 ammo each. The gun hurts 35 at an effective distance of 200 m to 300 m.

blue zone bomb

The bomb that creates a blue quarter up to ten meters in length can be used to lure or kill enemies internally because it deals 10 damage in line with 2d.

The blue area stays for five seconds and after that it starts shrinking for another 5 seconds and then really disappears. Damage can also accumulate, if you are already in a blue zone and someone throws a blue zone bomb at you, the damage from the two blue zones will have an effect.

Now the bomb will not explode under water but it can be near water and everything inside the area will cause damage.

Patch 13.2 Vehicles


A new vehicle has been brought into the game, a porter, which is a pickup truck just on the go. The porter is a Hyundai truck started in 1977, it is a four-passenger all-wheel drive car, the luggage compartment system is available and its capacity is 400, the maximum speed of the car is one hundred and thirty kilometers. / hour, and has a power of 1200 horsepower.

trunk system

With the implementation of the new trunk machine, you can maintain greater accuracy with your victory on the go, allowing you to use the trunk portion of the porter to purchase items, however, if the vehicle is damaged as well as items kept in the cabin.

Although any tools can be stored inside the luggage compartment, players will have to ensure that many items are loaded as many heavy items may not be able to load on the porter.

Apart from the guns and engines delivered to the game, any other entertainment mode that is unknown to the players has also been introduced, the Casual mode, which is a sports mode where players can practice and have fun while not having to become aggressive.

Play up to a few bouts in the afternoon in singles / duos / teams where you may fall into an angel with a maximum of 12 players.

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