One Piece Episode 948 Eng Sub Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers

One Piece Episode 948 Eng Sub Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers

Just when Queen’s plague bullets were causing chaos inside Udon, the red scabbard that has been held prisoner for last 13 years finally appears to save all the samurai prisoners, now only the upcoming One Piece Episode 948 will show us what happens next.

Luffy was thinking of doing a good thing by destroying Udon prison and releasing all the samurai prisoners, but those who he thought of his allies came to restrain him on the orders of the warden. All the prisoners are afraid of getting out of Udon prisons because of Kaido and Orochi.

They believe now that they have lost their friends and families, they have no place to go to and even if they get free, Orochi and Kaido will only hunt them down. So the only safe place for them right now is the prison.

One Piece Episode 948

In this dire situation, the prisoners needed a ray of hope and Kawamatsu the Kappa came as that ray of hope. The old man Hyogoro, Kawamatsu, and Kiku finally reveal their true identities to stop prison’s revolt.

One Piece wano arc will soon catch up to the manga where the raid arc has finally begun. Fans can’t wait to see Luffy vs Kaido animated. One Piece 994 will soon be released, so if you are a manga fan, you should check it out.

Today we discuss One Piece Ep 948 Eng Sub Preview, Release date, and the spoilers of the upcoming episode.

One Piece Episode 948 Release Date

The upcoming Ep 948 of One Piece anime is titled “Launching the counterattack, Luffy and Red Scabbard Samurai”. It will be about Luffy and Kawamatsu launching the counterattack against the Udon guards.

One Piece anime episode 948 will air this Sunday, November 1st, 2020. The English subbed versions will be out a few hours after the Japanese version is out.

Once the episode airs in Japan, the episodes get subbed in different languages like English, French so that fans all over the world can watch the episode. It’s not an easy work and that is why we appreciate all the hard work these guys do.

Talking of anime, Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 5 will also be releasing soon so make sure to check them out.

Where To Watch One Piece Ep 948 Eng Sub?

One Piece has a huge fanbase around the world. So we need a website where fans from all over the world can watch the English subbed as well as dubbed episodes and not many anime streaming sites meet the criteria.

Even though many unofficial anime sites are out there streaming One Piece, we should not use them as its unethical and they operate against the law. We should watch One Piece from official websites only.

You can watch all the existing as well as future One Piece anime episodes on Crunchyroll. The English subbed episodes gets uploaded on the site a few hours after the episode airs in Japan.

One Piece is also available to watch on Netflix just like Kengan Ashura and Baki.

The preview for Episode 948 has not been aired yet, so we will share them here once released.

One Piece Episode 948 Spoilers

If you are someone who doesn’t want to know read the spoilers, please close this article now.

Luffy, Chopper, Hyogoro, Kiku, and Kawamatsu go on a rampage around the prison. Instead of focusing on the rebels, Daifugo continues to shoot at the prisoners.

All the prisoners are starving and subjected to torture everyday and now they are getting shot down and this is making Luffy angry. Raizo tosses a bunch of keys in direction of Kid and asks him to unlock the shackles.

All the Udon guards are targeting the prisoners and it’s infuriating Luffy. Daifugo uses another bullet known as “The rare disease: Mummy”. It turns the people into living zombies.

Now it’s all of Udon vs Luffy’s team and it’s not going to be an easy fight. Afterwards, we see a touching gesture by Luffy.

We will leave it at this so that we don’t spoil much and you enjoy the episode when it gets released. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check our articles on My Hero Academia 289 and Solo Leveling 125.

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