One Piece Chapter 1001 official release date revealed

One Piece Chapter 1001 official release date revealed

Gomu Gomu no Red Roc and Kaido licks the dust, can you believe that? Luffy managed to inflict some serious damage on KAIDO !!! With the release of the previous chapter of the One Piece series, fans are very eager to know the details of One Piece 1001 chapter. So in this article we have included every possible detail regarding the official release date of One Piece 1001. , possible predictions, and where to read it legally.

Note – This article will contain details from previous chapters which may be spoilers for you. So if you are bothered by spoilers, we suggest you read it very carefully. Later, we’ll update the article with all possible spoilers, leaks, and raw analysis for One Piece Chapter 1001, including sources to read it online. So, don’t worry. Be sure to read the full article for all the details..

Chapter 1001

Release date

One Piece Manga 1001 is one of the most anticipated chapters on the internet. With the release of the previous chapter, fans are full of beans to know the official release date of One Piece Chapter 1001. The previous chapter of One Piece revealed the official release date of Chapter 1001 on One Piece. Thus, One Piece Chapter 1001 will be released on January 18, 2021.

Chapter 1001: Spoilers and Leaks

Fans are very excited for the upcoming events regarding Chapter 1001. But as of right now, there isn’t a single update regarding the leaks just yet. But we’ll update the blog once we have any leaks. We can expect it to be released by or around January 12, 2021.

Kaido vs. Luffy 1001

One Piece Manga Chapter 1001 Predictions

One Piece chapter 1000 recap

One Piece Chapter 1000 began with Luffy reaching the 5th floor of the tower. This is when Luffy receives help from the Inuarashi team of musketeers. Inuarashi Musketeer Squad leads the way for Luffy in Stage 5 by defeating all enemies. Luffy showed his gratitude and thanked Shishliament one of the captains of the Inuarashi squad.

On the other panel, we saw Marco taking the King and Queen face to face for Zoro. Marco helps him so that Zoro can reach the top of Onigashimi without any problem. Marco the phéonix used his flames against the queen and the king and engaged them in combat.

Besides that, the next panel shows Yamato and Momonusuke discussing the Oden Diary.

It was at this point that Yamato revealed that Roger and Oden once predicted that within 20 years, a new generation of hackers would definitely reach the New World.

Later, the focus is on the importance of Ace. Yamato revealed that she believed Ace would lead the next generation, but her death was quite unexpected. Yamato also revealed that Ace once accidentally told him that deep down he and Sabo believed in Luffy whenever he yelled at being a Pirate King. Whenever Luffy talks about becoming the Pirate King Ace and Sabo laughed, but deep down they knew that one day Luffy would become the Pirate King so they decided to stop laughing at Luffy’s dream.

Later, Yamato reveals that when Ace’s living card disappeared without a trace, which made him realize that Ace had left this world.

Soon the other members of the Worst Generation – Kid, Killer and Law manage to reach the roof. Upstairs, they see Kaido and Big Mom. The two wait until they reach the top and their intentions were very clear, which was to destroy them.

So from that point on, it’s Big Mom and Kaido’s battle against the Worst Generation. Kaido and Big Mom are quite attentive to the group – Worst Generation because Luffy is with them. But Luffy gives priority to the nine scabbards that were beaten to the ground. Luffy ignores both Big Mom and Kaido and apologizes to Kin’emon for arriving late.

That’s when Kaido calls Luffy again, but this time with an attack that makes Luffy quite angry and Luffy responds to him perfectly doggy.

Luffy landed a hit of the new technique he learned known as Gomu Gomu no Red Roc on Kaido with his Gear 3. Kaido couldn’t resist and received the hit. This actually causes Kaido to stomp on the ground, enough to make him bleed, and that’s when Big Mom was a little disappointed with Kaido because he couldn’t dodge him, even for a bit.

The chapter ended with Luffy introducing him to someone who will surpass Kaido and Big Mom and receive the title of “The Pirate King”.

One piece 1001

One Piece Chapter 1001: Predictions and Speculations

As the previous chapter of One Piece was quite amazing, fans would love to know more about One Piece Chapter 1001. So without further ado, let’s have the predictions and speculation on One Piece 1001-

Kaido vs the worst generation

This is the most anticipated part of One Piece chapter 1001. As we’ve all seen how Luffy used a super new and powerful attack on Kaido and literally managed to hurt him. Part of it is quite clear that Luffy is now serious enough to outdo Kaido and Big Mom as well. In this battle, the member of The Worst Generation will help Luffy in order to win this battle.

New form of Luffy

Luffy’s new form is highly anticipated in One Piece Chapter 1001 or other chapters to come. The previous chapter of One Piece introduced a new attack that worked against Kaido- Gomu Gomu no Red Roc. Luffy’s new form is therefore eagerly awaited.

Kaido’s New Devil Fruit

Seems pretty indigestible that Kaido has another Devil Fruit, right? As we all know, all Kaido wants is the destruction of this world by means of a war – “Final War”. Some of it is pretty clear that this won’t happen. Luffy can overwhelm Kaido this time. So, a new Devil Fruit could be part of his final act that he uses against Luffy.

Big Mom Contribution

Big Mom has been a major obstacle against the Straw Hat Pirate Crew forever. On top of that, let’s not forget the fact that Big mom is one of the 4 emperors. For now, the worst generation wants to kill Kaido after what he did to the nine scabbards. So a surprise attack is eagerly awaited from One Piece chapter 1001. On top of that, we can expect that Luffy will fight Kaido on his own and the rest of the Worst Generation will fight Big Mom. Either way, Big Mom will impact the Worst Generation.

Final arc?

This could be the last arc in the series. Let’s put the pieces together – 2 of the strongest emperors are together – Kaido and Big Mom. Not to mention the fact that these 2 are the most powerful enemy Luffy could ever face. So these 2 could be the last enemy Luffy will have to face to become the Pirate King. On top of that, defeating them alone could be one of the main reasons for earning the title of “King of the Pirates”. So this could be the last or last arc in this series. Oda can end this streak after this arc.

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Where to watch One Piece Chapter 1001?

Chapter 1001 is available for free on Viz Media and Mangaplus. However, we strongly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on any unofficial website. A new chapter comes out every week. Plus, be sure to stay tuned Spoilerguy like the manga takes a break from time to time.

What is One Piece about?

Eiichiro Oda is the mastermind behind the entire One Piece franchise. He started the manga in 1997 and completed 97 volumes in total. Shueisha and Viz Media are currently publishing the manga. The One Piece animated series is also popular and has broken several records. Chapter 1000 will release One Piece this week, which sets the stage for its 1001st One Piece chapter. This huge accomplishment is truly well deserved by the One Piece franchise.

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