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One Piece 992 Spoilers Show Scabbards Countering Kaido!

Finally the thing you have been waiting for most has arrived. One Piece 992 spoilers have finally been released after the raw scan translations and we are here today to share them with you here.

Chapter 992 was on a break last week because of Oda’s bad health but we are finally going to get the chapter this Sunday and fans couldn’t be excited more. The upcoming chapter focuses mainly on the fight between Kaido and the scabbards instead of the King and Queen fighting in the banquet halls.

Our boy marco and the first son of Big Mom, Perospero are also seen in the upcoming One Piece 992 manga spoilers.

The raid finally started and the scabbards are finally standing in front of the person or say the thing that caused them the most pain. They are finally ready to take revenge for all of Wano and Oden even if it costs them their life.

One Piece 992 spoilers

There was also a big question in everyone’s minds regarding Big Mom and why she is not helping Kaido, or say the beast pirates in this fight and focusing on her solo revenge against Luffy only.

I am sure everyone’s excited to read One Piece 992 spoilers, so let’s not waste any more time and get the article started.

One Piece 992 Spoilers Out!

The title of the upcoming chapter is “Survivors”. The title seems to hint more towards the scabbards who had to endure the last twenty years in hiding just so that they can rise up on this day and take their swords against Kaido.

Most of the chapter is Kaido fighting the Scabbards.

  • Kaido uses a lightning type roar against the Scabbards.
  • Kiku is shown some type of snow form attack and Izu seems to be using Guns.
  • Raizou absorbs Kaido’s breath using a ninja scroll and returns it to Kaido.
  • Kaido is furious at scabbards.

Big Mom on the other side is having a meeting with Perospero and Marco. Since Perospero and Marco both don’t like Kaido, they are trying to negotiate with Big mom but she refuses to betray as she has already made an alliance now.

Meanwhile, Carrot is looking for Perospero so that she can take revenge for fallen Pedro and what better time than today? The night of full moon.

The chase between Yamato and Momonosuke is also going on. Shinobu is running away with Momo on her back.

In the last panels, we see Inurashi, Kinemon, Denjiro and Ashura Doji attack together.

So this is what we have in spoilers for now and we will keep you updated if you find anything more. The Korean and Japanese raw scans are still going through the translation process and the full One Piece manga 992 spoilers will be out soon for everyone to read.

Is There A Break Next Week?

Fortunately, no break has been announced for now. This means that the upcoming One Piece Chapter 993 will be released as usual next Sunday.

Even though it has been confirmed that there is no break, the release may get delayed if Oda gets sick again. So make sure to keep him in your prayers and wish for his good health.

Also, we believe in supporting the authors by reading manga chapters from the original source only. So if you wish to support Oda and One Piece manga, then make sure to read OP only from The Shonen Jump website.

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