No Guns Life Season 3 – Renewal status, will you get a new season?


Guns do not live Come under Cyberpunk Genre of anime. Not many animators have adapted to the genre because it is unique and has untapped potential. However, the anime was slightly different from its source, which is the manga. But the second season was a bold move for Madhouse as they renewed its second season with great fanfare and increased its fan base. This makes fans wonder if No Guns Life Season 3 would be better.

The dark nature of the entire anime series also complements its characters. No Guns Life contains a story like never before with a different general storyline that veers towards something unusual in anime / manga but normal in Hollywood. As the series progresses, fans become more immersed in it because the story is not rushed and has an element of addiction. But fans wondered what was next for No Guns Life because Season 2 appeared shortly after the first season aired.

In this blog, we’ll talk about exactly that. By the end of the article, you will know everything about it Guns Life Season 3 does not have a release date, will it be revamped? So be sure to read this article to the end. Happy reading, Mina !!

No Guns Life Season 3

No Guns Life Season 3

No Guns Life gave us the first anime episode in 2019. It was a small start to a list of 12 episodes that followed; It has been either making or breaking for No Guns Life due to its tough competition. But the anime series was a medium success, and manga fans were also disappointed. But Madhouse Studios didn’t take the negativity too badly and announced a renewal of their series for another season.

During the shutdown, despite all the oddities that came due to the global pandemic, they still came forward and gave us No Guns Life Season 2. This did better in terms of fan service, studio sales and staff. Their efforts to revive the series succeeded in adapting another manga, and fans were satisfied with how they hand-picked themselves.

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This led to the question about No Guns Life Season 3. Manga readers are desperate for the studio to return with another season that will knock out the competition and perform better than the previous season. With solid plot and cyberpunk energy, it’s sure to grab anyone’s attention. After all, this is the anime in a league of its own.

No Guns Life Season 3 release date

Season 3, no guns life s3
Yeah! We watch anime only for its plot

There was no official statement from Mad House employees or the creator of the series. Aside from that, if we are to speculate, we are expecting No Guns Life Season 3 Coming out in 2022. It gives the studio and staff some time to plan things, too.

By then, we expect the global pandemic scenario to subside and normal life to begin. Make sure to keep up with Spoilerguy to know all about future updates and the latest news related to Season 3 of No Guns Life.

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No Guns Life Season Three plot

The first seven volumes covered nearly the entire anime in both seasons. No Guns Life Manga has completed a total of 11 volumes. That might just mean there’s more to the anime side of things. It clearly shows that there is powerful content remaining until No Guns Life Third Season is adapted. If this is true , No Guns Life Season 3 will follow Volumes 8-11 for its adaptation.

For anime

No Guns Life is a unique future cyberpunk anime where cyborgs are called “Extended” and are very popular. Tasuku Karasuma is writing this futuristic anime. The series got an anime adapted in 2019 for its first season. Sue after the first season aired, Madhouse Studios embarked on another project to revive the series and continue its work. Now fans are eagerly waiting for g-studio to do the same with No Guns Life S3.

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