New Weapons Add P90 and Blue Zone Grenade Patch Update Two in PUBG 13.2


A brand new update for pubg just dropped, and it’s huge. Update 13.2 adds new guns: p90 smg and blue zone bomb. It additionally introduces a new trunk device that can be accessed inside the Tango map.

new weapons

There are two new guns that you can use for gain. The first is p90, a fan-favorite smg dropped via sponsorship packages. It will appear on all maps and springs with some attachments, which include a silencer, a laser, and a low sight with zoom.

It’s also ready with a 50 ball mag, with an extra 250 rounds as you take it out of the care package. The p90 has a powerful range of two hundred and three hundred meters and the burner price is 1,000 rounds per minute. This makes it very powerful to advance against your enemies.

Other than the smg, there may also be a new throwable object called the blue zone bomb. Unlike hyper-explosive grenades, this precision grenade deals continuous damage for up to ten seconds.

The bomb will emit a blue zone that remains at full size for the base five seconds. It will gradually decrease until it disappears every 5 seconds.

Over the entire duration, all people stuck in the location will deal 10 damage in the second move.

New feature: trunk system

There may be a new car referred to as the porter, which is unique to the Taigu map. It runs well on all terrains and can accommodate up to 4 passengers at a time.

The existing luggage compartment system helps you load various items into the porter compartment and you can take them out at any time. There are a few things to watch out for here.

Basic is that the luggage compartment has a weight limit of 400, so you and your crew may not be able to purchase all of your in-car gear. 2d, if the pickup truck is destroyed, all tools stored in it within the system will also be destroyed.

If you are new to clash royale and like to feel the sport, then the new casual mode will really enchant you. The lower surrounding mileage allows you to hone your capabilities and have some fun.

In time, the scope’s most intuitive casual mode takes place and can feature a maximum of 12 human players, with AI bots populating the final areas.

Keep in mind that it’s best to play even a few matches a day – either in a singles, duos or teams. Update 13.2 with it the masses to submit. If you need additional analysis, you can head over to our reputable sports page.

PUBG Patch 13.2 Weapons

To start off the long list of fired patch notes, a new weapon has been released, the p90 smg, this has been brought into care and not like the opposite and well max SMG, this gun can fire long range without a problem.

p90 has five of its own. 7mm ammo, comes with cheek pad, handguard, silencer, pre-mounted with laser and is non-detachable.

In the sponsorship package, the 250-shot pistol will be paired with five. 7mm ammo and each mag holds 50 ammo each. The gun hurts 35 at a powerful distance of 200 m to 300 m.

blue zone bomb

The bomb that creates a blue zone up to 10m can be used to lure enemies out or kill them from within because it deals 10 damage per 2 days.

The blue area stays for 5 seconds and then starts to develop, decreasing every five more seconds and then really disappears.

Damage can also accumulate, if you are already in a blue zone and someone throws a blue zone bomb at you, the damage from each blue zone will take effect.

The bomb will now not explode under water but can come close to water and all people in the strip will be damaged.

Patch 13.2 Vehicles


A new car in the sport, a porter, i.e. a pickup truck was brought entirely to the tango. The porter is a Hyundai truck launched in 1977, it is an all-wheel drive vehicle that can accommodate 4 passengers, you must have a tool in the luggage compartment and the capacity is 400, the maximum speed of the car is one hundred thirty km / h, its power is 1200 horsepower.

trunk system

With the implementation of the new trunk machine, you can shop much more neatly aiding your victory over Diego, and use the luggage compartment portion of the porter to hold items, but if the vehicle is damaged so are things kept inside the cabin.

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