New Trunk System, P90 SMG, Porter vehicle for PUBG 13.2 patch update and more update


Pubg Replaces 13.2 Patch Notes: New Trunk Device, p90 SMG, Porter Car, and Much Bigger: Pubg has just released patch notes from 13.2 Replace and provides a sneak peek at the all-new contents and recreation mode from the new update.

The imminent update may be released on September 08, 2021 for laptops and on September 16, 2021 for consoles.

replace thirteen. 2 introduces new weapons including the p90 smg and a new blue quarter grenade.

In addition, a Hyundai-based pickup truck referred to as a porter was found. Here is the full patch notes for pubg thirteen. 2 updates:

Tango Updates

Introducing a brand new pick-up truck, porter, exceptional to the tango! The porter is the Hyundai motor company’s representative commercial truck, which was first delivered in 1977.

Because then he carried a variety of audiences based on his strong fundamentals and great durability. It is the only vehicle available on pubg with trunk device, a new feature added under it.

Porter is a truck capable of carrying hundreds of passengers and up to 4 passengers at the same time.

Grab your bird’s-eye dinner with a carrier that can easily run on any type of terrain with the help of the durable four-wheeler!

blue area

Introducing the Blue Sector Bomb! This throwable item can be used efficiently in the event that you want to inflict damage in a wider area for a positive period of time.

Especially in situations where you need to lure enemies out of the building. The Blue Zone Bomb creates a blue quadrant with a radius of ten meters, and it lasts for five seconds.

It maintains its full volume for 5 seconds, then decreases and disappears within another five seconds.

PUBG Patch 13.2 أسلحة Weapons

To start off the long list of fired patch notes, a new weapon has been released, the p90 smg, and this has been brought to care applications, and unlike the opposite and extreme SMG, this weapon can fire long range without a problem.

P90 has five unique. 7mm ammo, comes with cheek pad, handguard, silencer, pre-mounted with laser and is non-detachable.

In the sponsorship package deal, the 250-shot rifle will be paired with five. 7mm ammo and each mag holds 50 ammo each. The gun damages 35 at a powerful distance of 200 m to 300 m.


A new vehicle has been added in the game, a porter, it’s a pickup truck exclusively on Tango.

The porter is a Hyundai truck launched in 1977, a mileage all-wheel drive car that can accommodate 4 passengers, there must be a luggage compartment device and the potential is 400, the maximum speed of the car is one hundred thirty km / h It has a power of 1200 horsepower.

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