[NEW] Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1003 Raw scans leak online, story, preview and more to read


There were now 3 fractures in the last three stages of the One Piece manga series and everyone’s glad there won’t be any extra weight.

The One Piece 1003 chapter can change attention from Supernova vs Yonko’s clash of Onigashima do-me and also reveal what’s going on with different straw hats.

Luffy will be fired and unleash a new superhero movement called Jomo Jomo No More Kong Raifuru. The strikes led to an explosion of Kaido’s experience. Kaido’s head is directed by the plane, and Captain Kidd holds Kaido’s neck again.

Unexpectedly, Captain Kidd punched Kaido with the ground using Gibson’s Slam. Luo takes advantage of his special move called Room, then moves him remotely near Kaido.

Law comments that the Dragon Core has locked him down and he desires to find the Dragon Body members because he has never seen them.

Shortly after Zorro’s attack, Big Mother finds a counterattack, and Zorro is struck with lightning. Big Mom never stopped attacking them with lightning and in addition, she hit Luffy.

However, due to the chewy nature of fresh Devil Fruit, Big Mother’s attack has no effect on Luffy. Kaido also attacked Luffy with fire, however, Luffy appears intact.

Kaido was shocked to see that his strike was not working and asked Luffy if it was a hoax. Luffy replied that it was his courage that secured him. The previous spread of this chapter sees Luffy always attack Kaido with Kong Gatling.

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