[NEW] Chapter 1002 Spoilers: Dragon Kaido Epic Battle & Big Mom Vs 5 Supernova, Leaked Online Raw Scans


Sanji needs to break out of the spider’s web in Dark Maria in One Piece Chapter 1002 and help Luffy fight against Kaido and Big Mom as well.

Sanji was caught online by Dark Maria and considering he doesn’t reach females, someone should stock up on him soon.

There is no way Sanji spends his time outside the network and also needs to fight some powerful enemies like the King, Queen or page-one.

Sanji constantly does a trick up his sleeve and the cook keeps the evening at the end. Nami or Robin can easily save Sanji from Black Maria in Chapter 1002 and he can go help others.

Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid, and Killer really fight with Kaido and Big Mom on Onigashima’s rooftop and it will only last longer.

There are perceptions that the supernova might not fare so easily than these Yonkos. Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Legislation may face a tough period to beat Kaido and Big Mom in their final form.

Someone might allow these guys to get rid of opponents, and he might act like Shanks.

However, it might be much better if they were able to defeat these opponents on their own.

Spoilers in One Piece Chapter 1002 can keep fighting Supernovas and Yonkos or change attention for the rest of the matches.

It makes no sense to have two consecutive chapters dedicated to one conflict, but again it is one of the most epic battles to happen in the manga story.

Kaido transformed into a dragon form of his own and Big Mom Napoleon transformed into a flaming sword to deal with the five supernova in a deadly struggle.

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