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Maid Sama second season It’s the thing that stimulates serotonin in rom-com fanatics. The Maid Sama manga ended in 2013. Fans are so excited to hear news of Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2 or will it happen? In this blog, we will be sharing everything there is to know about the new season.

Maid Sama is and always will be one of the best rom-com animations period. Why do I say this, because the characters are close to perfection, the transition in the character’s animation from ordinary to chibi-like characters, the soundtrack, solid plot, delicate romance and most of all fan service. It is these factors mentioned above that make this anime one of the most popular anime ever on rom-com. Manga is something that ended quickly but had a satisfying ending.

Maid Sama second season

For those of you who haven’t read the manga, you are missing out on a happiness overdose. Usui has a really badass and cool vibe that fans find super fun. Plus the way Misaki protects her from her troubles and injuries makes you feel good inside. The second season of Maid Sama will undoubtedly be a massive hit among fans. But for unspeakable reasons, Kaichou wa Maid Sama Season 2 was not approved.

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Kayshu was the release date for Maid Sama’s second season

After going through countless sources of information, we confirmed that there is no official update Maid Sama second season. Once again, another perfect anime season has ended. But all hope is not lost, until the production confirms that it will not be a renewal of Kaishu wa Maid Sama second seasonAnd the There is still hope.

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Kisho and Maid Sama Season Two are a possible plot

Maid Sama second season

Season 2 of Maid Sama will have a storyline based on Usui and Misaki’s dating. The first season ended with a confession to each other and recognition of their irresistible love for each other. Therefore, in the new season, we will likely see both loved and rival.

Even if the second season of Kaichou wa Maid Sama fails to keep up with fan expectations, the hype alone will make anime a necessity. Unlike most happy animes, this anime honestly shows the true essence of love and forgiveness.

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Maid Sama Season Two characters

Since these two are the main characters in Anime, here is a brief description of both of them.

Misaki Ayozawa - Maid Sama Season 2
Misaki Ayozawa – Maid Sama Season 2

Misaki Ayozawa is a very diligent and intelligent high school student. She and her mother are constantly working to help support the family after her father left her alone with huge debts. In order to support her family, Misaki works at a maid café where the pay is very decent. She is also the head student at her school, which makes things difficult for her because she cannot tell anyone her secret. Misaki also managed to top her class and even manage all the naughty boys.

The anime revolves around her efforts to keep her job identity secret and manage matters at the same time in the school as the student’s head.

kaichou wa maid-sama - Takumi Usui x Misaki Ayuzawa Photo (14267378) - Fanpop

Usui Takumi is a child prodigy and a jack of all trades. There is absolutely nothing he cannot do. He is the most popular high school student of his school and has been praised by all of his peers. All boys look at him and respect his intelligence and abilities. He easily excels at every game and can also play the violin. He falls in love with Misaki because of her intelligence and tireless nature.

Usui is very protective and assertive. Truly one of the best characters I have ever found. A complete human being with the most desirable qualities one could possibly ask for.

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About Kesho and Maid Sama

Kaichou wa Maid Sama is a Japanese shoujo manga series that was later converted as a Japanese TV series. The anime revolves around Misaki who is an ideal high school student and head student. But she also works part-time at a maid’s café. She tries to hide this from her peers, but ends up blasting her cover with a guy named Usui.

maid sama season 2

Usui falls in love with Misaki after learning how difficult it is for her to work to support her family. He promises to keep everything a secret and at the same time protect Misaki from various scenarios. Their bond and their sweet moments are definitely something to watch. Do not forget that this anime has been called one of the best romantic animations ever. Its comprehensive range is all one could ask for. This is exactly why fans have been so waiting for the release date of Maid Sama for Season 2.

You can watch the English sub or dubbed version on Netflix.

The opening and ending of Maid Sama’s music

My Secret – Mizuno Saaya is a very cute and warm song. It was released in 2010 as the lead single by Kaichou wa Maid Sama and has captured the hearts of fans ever since. The lyrics perfectly describe the theme of the song and its story, with perfect illustrations and short scenes in the video.

Yōkan – Heidi is the first ending to the anime and frankly it’s pretty average. The ending was never popular and it didn’t have anything of its own that made fans remember the song. But the video contains good images. It contained some scenes that depicted all of Kaichou’s cute expressions as a montage, which made watching the anime ending a little addicting.

Loop – Heidi is the second final soundtrack for anime. Now this song is an absolute bumblebee with a hard rock feel to it. The electric guitar gives a perfect representation of Usui’s character. This is definitely an ending without skipping perhaps one of the most satisfying beats of all time.

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