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Shin vs.Gkhk begins with the separation of Kingdom 691, with Shin understanding that he will cut the enemy if he performs his behavior through the use of his sword.

The country has been batting Shin against Ghkh for a while since the shin got his master glaive. Shane realizes he can defend himself in one fell swoop if he uses Glaive from the recent state bankruptcy. The watches are excited that the stubble will cut gkhk.

Gkhk thinks it will be a laugh while killing Shin. “Shin” and “Geek” exchange words and the soldiers begin to attack Shin. But it prevented their path from achieving a shin. Jarrow noticed the monkeys coming from the forest, Hsu heard a noise from unusual instructions and saw a yokai unit heading their way in huge quantities.

Kyoukai’s reactions may hold back after dealing with enemies and inform them to help them. Gkhk gangs try to advance to get Shin’s head, but Rey manages to advance. Ri was upset with Shin, who advised her to keep calm. The captain decided that they could send them off the cliff to use their energy.

Kyokai ordered 3 infantrymen to reinforce the center. Soldiers agree, and may be excited to draw with youkai. At gkhk HQ. , they get a document revealing the murder of their known person.

He told them to regroup without posting information on the dying robes of different warriors. They decide to charge the replacement men to the leg face while Hsu vs. Zhao.

Kingdom chapter 690 preview

At Hsu HQ, they are partying, and Kihei tells Shin that they will take Kikuyu one day. Shin is glad that Gu helped them control the enemy forces and Doohun, who made the plan for them.

Kyokai agrees, and states that he won’t receive it because they don’t have any evidence. Shin realizes that Dohon’s record helped them achieve this victory, and it’s for everyone and sparse. Ray adds that savings coupons frustrate them to win. The Karyoten squad is also celebrating, and the ten congratulatory wishes are denied to you.

But the ten instructed them to forbid the celebration and rely on the final foot soldiers and told you to forbid the gathering of Gu. I ordered naki to watch the obsessed navy who backed off given that they could try something. But you can take a rest and then get strong.

Ten states that they might stick to the plans, pass after Kikuyu and then attack Kocho’s headquarters. Being late at Koch HQ, Koch receives a message announcing that Kikuyu has been taken. He also heard that the maniac had been brutally murdered, and that the enemies were preparing to get here at the headquarters.

Zhao’s center and left wing were pushed away, and they could get help from Zhao. Kocho asks his comrades to tell him the extent of the enemies, and they advise him that they are from 3 to 5 thousand with powerful tools.

Miles discovered that the purpose was to ship 5,000 soldiers to encounter Hsu as they emerged from the forest and headed towards Kocho’s headquarters. But with the advent of Kaneki, those five thousand divisions that had been sent through Kocho were going to lead to Kocho’s biggest weakness.

Issue date for Kingdom Chapter 691

Chapter 691 of the country will be released on Sunday, April 12, 2021. The manga will release Chapter 691 of the kingdom this Sunday because it has returned from weekly spoils.

The country adjusted its weekly schedule, however, there was no harm on Sunday. The class was delayed and released at some point in the week; We haven’t been able to gain access to the reputable manga kingdom websites, but a new bankruptcy may happen every week.

The party holds as Chen is ready to launch another attack. Total loss of life is quickly revealed; The manga is going back these days, and chapters will be released every Sunday; Allow to meet after the next launch.

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