Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd Divorce Rumors: A Couple Drifting Out of Infidelity and Relapse?


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard constantly quarrel with each other. This is the story that the tabloids are currently selling. Apparently, the quarantine has pushed the couple apart.

Last year, it was reported that Bill and Shepherd were driving each other crazy while quarantined together. It was alleged that the couple was constantly annoyed by each other’s flaws. Gossip columns asserted that Shepard felt that being with his wife was like having another child because she was so excessive.

Shepherd’s setback causes problems in his marriage?

In October of that year, another story emerged that Shepherd’s recent admission that he had relapsed was causing problems in his marriage. Presumably, Bell resented Shepherd for releasing the information. They put their family under the microscope.

Of course, there was no truth to this article. Bell made it clear that she has been supporting her husband through the difficult time. She even said she was “proud” of his honesty. She said-

“I will continue to stand by him because he is so worth it.”

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Kristen Bell bans her husband’s thrill-seeking hobbies?

Then again, it was reported that Bell was stern after Shepherd had a motorcycle accident. The accident left him with a broken shoulder and several broken ribs. There is no doubt that Belle was worried about her husband. So she might be careful the next time he rides a motorcycle. However, the rumor mongers exaggeratedly blasted the incident.

Shepherd admitted that he misjudged the distance between his bike and someone else’s bike. This isn’t the first time Shepherd has injured himself, and Belle has confirmed that she trusts her husband and knows the risks that accompany his hobbies.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

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Bill cheating on Shepherd?

Recently, Belle was allegedly secretly hiding with her woman at home Co-star Benjamin Levi Aguilar. Reportedly, Shepherd’s recent relapse to painkillers has been pushing Bell into the arms of another man. Presumably, Belle and Aguilar beat her up and became close.

But there was no concrete evidence to suggest there was anything romantic between Belle and Aguilar. It is true that the actors were playing love interests in their movie. However, both Bill and Shepherd are professionals who are perfectly capable of separating acting from reality. Apparently, the gossip magazines are only trying to stir up the situation by claiming that Bill and Shepherd’s marriage was shaky. The couple seems to be doing just fine despite the endless tabloid harassment.

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