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Kingdom Chapter 658 Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date: Siege On Juuko Pass

It’s a day of miracles and possibilities – Kingdom Chapter 658 will bring us marvels. Fans must be basking in the warmth of these lively chapters! The hot-blooded warfare that Kingdom boasts of – it is reappearing.

The personal motivations add an extra layer to the war and that is the current direction of the Siege on Juuko City.

Kingdom is written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara, who plans to take it well over 100 volumes. The series is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Animal Jump. In 2020, Kingdom has sold exceedingly well and is placed among of top 10 bestselling manga of the year.

Kingdom Chapter 658

Kingdom Chapter 658 will carry forward the multiple plot points of the Juuko arc; thing is, all of them are at exceedingly exciting positions. A fight between Heavenly Generals, a Siege on the city, attacks on both Headquarters – fans couldn’t be more excited, could they?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kingdom anime has been delayed and will most probably return in 2021, at the same time as Vinland Saga Season 2 most probably.

Read Kingdom 658 Spoiler:

As of now, there are no spoilers. You see, leaks are the main sources of these.

Kingdom Chapter 658 leaks will appear around the 20th of October, at the same time as Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 4. Keep an eye on our website, we will keep you posted. Anything we find, we will link it in this section. See you until then.

Kingdom Chapter 658 Raw Scans And Release Date:

Kingdom 658 raw scans will be available on 19 October, 2020 in the latest issue of Young Animal Jump magazine. These raws need translation since majority doesn’t read Japanese.

The scanlation team of Sensescans will handle the English fan translation. The date will be October 22, 2020. The French scans arrive 1 day earlier and so does the korean scans.

Unfortunately, Kingdom has no official English translation – from the looks of it, an official version is not likely to arrive either. So you will have to look for English unofficial chapters online.

One Piece 993 and Black Clover 269 will also be releasing this week, so if you are someone who reads them then you should check it out for sure.

Kingdom Manga 658 Predictions And Discussion:

As we said earlier, Chapter 657 will bring us some key strategic movements and that is exactly what happened.

Following that thread, Kingdom 658 English chapter will continue with the main events of these changes and the results will affect the overall outcome of the battlefield.

What is Gohoumei’s plan?

Gohoumei is well on his way to earn his title as a Great General – we here hoping to see a devilish strategy from him. But turns out, his approach was simple but efficient. Kingdom 658 how Gohoumei successfully trapped Sento’Un – the latter was allowed to penetrate deep and then faced an elite unit, that is, Koukarou Calvalry.

To make things worse, Sento’Un is being chased by Rokuomi as well. Rokuomi can whittle down his forces while Koukarou proves to be an efficient challenge for Sento’Un. And as for the ending, Gohoumei sent an elite siege force directly to the Juuko City. He realized Juuko will be vulnerable since the forces are on the field, fighting.

Kingdom Manga 658 might give Sento’Un another chance to shine – we believe he will, for a while, figure out a way to get out of his pincer. But eventually, he will fall. Maybe it will be Rokuomi who takes his head – wouldn’t that be a shocker?

How will Juuko Headquarters defend?

Tou’s relentless approach is a problem. We predicted that the Juuko HQ will make a move; turns out, they want to retreat. It is indeed a good option since the city itself is extremely hard to breach. That would slow down Tou, while Moubu remains busy with Man’U. This move effectively ruins the Qin attack.

Kingdom 658 raw scans might show Tou chasing even more aggressively. He too, realizes the urgency. Thing is, this can lead to a messy situation. The Wei Siege will be met with the retreating Juuko forces, who in turn, are fleeding from Tou. That will be like a double pincer. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Moubu or Man’U – who wins the fight?

We all know that there is more substance to this fight than meets the eye. Man’U is acting weird and Moubu seems to have an unlikely burden. We don’t know if you remember, but long ago, during RyoFui’s first appearance, it was stated by old man Saitaku that Shouheikun is stronger than Moubu.

Didn’t seem important then, but does it hold prominence now? Man’U has noted that Moubu has to carry a burden and from the looks of it, Shouheikun is that burden. Kingdom Chapter 658 spoilers might elaborate more about this. Moubu might get some serious character development.

Going ahead, Moubu must sort out his inner demons. It seems that Man’U is still going easy, he is waiting to draw out Moubu’s full strength. His statement about being weaker than Kanmei has some shrouded mystery as well. This fight has so much more to offer.

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