Kemono Jihen Episode 5 introduces ancient knowledge of Inugami’s vampires, Mihai


Kemono Jihen Episode 5 titled “Intervention.” The previous episode gives us a hint about how Inugami found Shiki and Akira. They belonged to Inugami’s ex-partner. They seem to avoid talking about this “ex-partner”. The episode covers up to two small missions.

The first is to help the man who fell in love with a cat, the kimono. Throughout the mission, Kabane learns about love. The second mission revolves around Akira. Since he’s more of a female boy and he’s become aware of his weaknesses lately. It all began to make sense when it was revealed that Akira and his brother belonged to a village of women where boys are born once in a century. They both fled and dispersed.

Episode 5 of the Kemono Jihen anime will feature a vampire named Mihai.

Kemono Jihen Episode 5 release date and broadcast details

According to the anime’s release schedule, a new episode airs every Sunday. With no delay in the broadcast schedule, episode 5 of Kemono Jihen will release on February 7, 2021, on Sunday. You can watch Episode 5 online at Funimation.

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Fans have been waiting eagerly for the anime adaptation from Kemono Jihen. The anime covers action genre, mystery, demons, supernatural powers, and shounen. To date, the series has aired 4 episodes; Episode 5 will be released soon. Here is the trailer for the same-

Post Kemono Jihen Episode 5 introduces an ancient knowledge of Inugami’s vampires, Mihai debuts on Spoiler Guy.

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