Jennifer Lawrence and Cook Maroney’s Baby Rumors: Pregnant Actress While Filming New Movie in New Orleans?


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Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly expecting her first child. Last week, rumors spread about it hunger Games The actress was pregnant. Let’s see how true or false this piece of gossip is.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence inspired by Emma Stone?

It was recently reported that Lawrence has a baby on board while filming her new movie in New Orleans. Apparently, Lawrence and husband Cook Maroney are preparing to welcome their first child. Lawrence’s photo on the set of her new movie. red, white and water Sports What sources claim to be a baby bump, is out.

It was also mentioned how Lawrence’s friends Emma Stone and Amy Schumer recently welcomed their children. That should advance Jennifer’s plans. And she can’t wait to have a baby too.

Are you ready for motherhood?

So, is Lawrence preparing to welcome her first child into the world? While anything is possible, it doesn’t seem likely. Lawrence has just returned from a two-year hiatus, so the timing of such a big move doesn’t seem reasonable. On top of that, Lawrence has just been seen smoking a cigarette outside a bar in New Orleans, which wouldn’t be a good look if she was really pregnant.

In addition, the photo does not prove anything. It’s only offensive to say that celebrities get pregnant any time their stomachs appear flat. Furthermore, in her new movie, Lawrence portrays a veteran and is seen stripped of her usual glamour. It wouldn’t be disgraceful to assume that this role doesn’t require a strict diet or fitness regime, and it’s likely that looks are just Lawrence’s character.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cook Maroney

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old gossip

This isn’t the first time a false pregnancy story about Lawrence has been published. Since she and Maroney tied the knot, the tabloids have been relentless in predicting when she might have a baby. Over time, all these reports have been proven wrong.

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