How to see how many legends tokens you have for Apex Legends and more update


You can make a fire-breathing potion with chili peppers and a rotten sandwich. The sandwich will be on your starting desk with the default setting. Other than this, there is also a fireworks dose that requires pasta and dynamite. You can turn yourself into a firecracker with it, so go ahead and enjoy the hilarious consequences of it.

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These are all the playback codes available at the moment. Make sure to test every few days, as we can update this list regularly as we update in-game codes.

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Apex Legends: Where to see the Legends icon

While opening the game, you first enter the main menu screen. On the main menu screen, you may see your chosen lock legend in battle.

However, to check how many legends symbols you have, take your mouse towards the top of the appropriate corner. There, you may see some symbols and numbers.

Keep the pointer and you will soon get a variety of Legend Tokens that you got in Top Legends. Drag the cursor to the appropriate angle for the vertex and you will get an analogue.

By completing the basic daily reroll of the project, you may earn up to 200 Legendary Tokens. The second daily quests rerolls help you to earn around 500 Legendary Tokens.

So, while you complete and maintain this 1/3 daily challenge, you may get about 1000 Legendary Tokens. There are many ways you can earn legends tokens.

You can speed up the fees with which you can earn these tokens. From skipping the war to playing more frequently in royal wars and arenas, make sure to lock in longer in the game and get as many kills as you can.

Cooperate and help your teammates and you can also earn additional Legend Tokens. But when you win a legends token, where do you get to see it?

How will you discover a variety of Legend Tokens that you have earned? Hence, read this article and find out how to watch your legends token in Apex Legends.

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