How to reset a PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller?


The 9th generation video game console, PS 5 was launched in 2020. It is a home video game console developed and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This product is a successor to the PlayStation 4 and has been developed to offer great gameplay for video games with nice performance.

It stores the 9th tech games level online. Coming back to the topic, in this article, we are going to talk about how to reset a ps5 console. So here is almost everything you want to know.

PS5 console reset

Resetting the ps5 console allows players to fix the connection and various uncommon issues that arise due to it. The ps5 controller reset system can be very smooth. So, follow the steps indicated below to make it happen.

First of all, you may be asked to get a thin pin, toothpick, or safety pin.

On the side, be sure to keep a USB to c facts cable to connect the ps5 console to the ps5 console.

Now, on the back side of the ps5 console, you can put the Sony branding.

On the right side of this branding, you will see a small hole. Here, put a toothpick or a thin pin that you are using into that small space.

Press it and hold for 4-5 seconds.

By this step, your console will be turned off. Now, join your console to the ps5 console through this USB to Type C stats cable.

After connecting it, press the PlayStation button on the console to complete the method.

Your ps5 console is now completely reset.

You’ll usually perform a reset if you’re experiencing input lag or problems connecting your controller wirelessly to your game console.

But, the method tested in this video will not roll back to a previous firmware version of consoles, or restore physical hardware issues including non-fixed drivers.

The controller can be fixed in a few times with the help of using a quick-drying contact cleaner in and around the base of the joystick.

How to fix PS5 controller skew

Dualsense float is usually caused by the preferred wear of your controller. Thumb sticks are welded to the main control board and attached to potentiometers that detect movement.

This is the hardest issue to restore since the best way to achieve this is to completely disassemble the console and replace the faulty components, and no one is willing to do that anymore.

However, positioning of the controller and fatigue may not be the most effective cause of the thumb sticks drifting. Simple cleansing may also do the trick and attach the problem.

Flush the thumb sticks in order to push them to the side. Remove any visible dust or particles with a cotton swab and a dab of rubbing alcohol (as someone with a dog shedding, it’s cool and about how fine strands of fur can work their way there).

With your thumb sticks pushed to the side and the rubbing alcohol completely dry, blow on them or use a can of compressed air, passing your way across the entire circumference.

Do not place the compressed air properly against the thumb sticks and do not tilt the compressed air sideways. Keep the can straight as it sits on the floor. If the case is tilted, moisture will likely blow into the console.

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