How to get rare candy in Pokemon Go


Once you get a taste of Pokemon, you may need to start developing and playing Pokemon as soon as you can. To confirm that you need a sweet. a lot on it.

To get stronger, you need more sweetness (and stardust). To power up hard-to-find, possibly even Legendary Pokemon, you’ll also want to get new, unfamiliar candies that you can win in battle raids.

The amount you want starts small but grows as you reach higher ranges. So, how do you get tons of candy as possible to adapt and electrify as much as possible? Here is the breakdown.

Sweet is what you turn on to evolve your pokemon to higher stage bureaucracy and what you use to give them electricity as much as increase cp (fighting electricity) and hp (hit points) so they sit better in gyms and may fight more properly.

Some Pokemon evolutions require as little as 12 candies, such as the budgies; Others can take 50, 100, or maybe 400 (hello, Magikarp). Usually, the more candy you want, the stronger the evolution.

Each type of Pokemon has its own unique candy shape, so you need a Dratini candy to upgrade the Dragonair and Dragonite, and a Bulbasaur candy to adapt to an Ivysaur and venusaur. You can’t use sweet dating to develop a Bulbasaur or vice versa.

Recently, it was also required along with stardust shopping for 2d pokémon rate moves for teacher battles, raids and gyms. There, levels are completely dependent on rarity, with unusual Pokemon requiring only 10 candy and legendary, a hundred.

However, you can use new rare candies, which are offered regularly when you win clash raids or complete a quest, to power up any type of Pokemon.

How do you get rare candy?

Research duties: The pokemon cross has many activities with special research obligations, a number of these study duties include rewards such as rare sweets, and the trainers have plenty of time to finish these research missions.

Flight sync: The pokemon cross can keep track of the kilometers the player has traveled and if you think about it as many have already tried, it can also come across if you are in a car.

But, for every 5 kilometers or three miles walked, players can be rewarded with Pokeballs, Stardust, and a third of a chance to win three Uncommon Candies, these rewards are awarded at the start of the week and track the previous week’s stats.

Go war league PVP: Coaches who win 4 out of five suits in Cross Wars League win three bars of chocolate Uncommon, this approach can become a bit tricky for players and not easy.

Bookstops: By spinning pokestops, you can face missions that praise you with 1 to a few rare candies when you complete them, however, these missions can range in phrases the hard or smooth way.

Raid battles: A great way to get more rare candy is to participate in raid battles, defeating a raid boss can get you anywhere between zero to twelve rare goodies, zero because there may nonetheless be a risk that you won’t be rewarded with rare items.

Uncommon candies in Pokemon cross are determined by doing preferential responsibilities on appearance, trainers can turn unfamiliar candies into unique pokemon candies, these specific candies can reach or evolve their pokemon, the pokemon corridor does not have layers for pokemon but rather Rather he has cp or “combat power”, this combat power limitation increases with the player’s score.

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