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Gender-Diverse Requiem Of The Rose King TV Anime Confirmed

Requiem of the Rose King is a historical action Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Aya Kanno.

The series has been published in Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine since 2013 and compiled into 14 bound volumes. Viz Media licensed the English version of the series.

Akita Publishing’s official Youtube channel announced through a promotional video that the Requiem of the Rose King manga is set to receive an anime adaptation.

Requiem Of The Rose King Promotional Video

The one and a half minute long video begins with announcing the tv anime adaptation and is followed by images of the manga’s main characters such as Richard Plantagenet, King Henry IV, Edward of Westminster, Anne Neville, William Catesby, and Henry Stafford, The Duke of Buckingham.

In between the character introductions, the promotional video inserted mesmerizing stills from the original manga showing the characters in various scenes throughout the story.

The visuals in the video were accompanied by beautiful and intense orchestral music.

The story revolves around the Duke of York’s child and protagonist Richard Plantagenet III.

The Duke’s child is an intersexual individual possessing features of both genders. His transexual origin repulsed his mother and Richard lived with the pain of this realization throughout his life.

The manga’s plot is set during the bloody “Wars of the Roses” when every noble was competing to become the next King of England. The Duke of York is one of these nobles aspiring for the throne.

Gender-Diverse Requiem Of The Rose King Manga Receives TV Anime
Requiem Of The Rose King | Source: Amazon

Just as the Duke was about to succeed in becoming the next crowned king of England, the opportunity slips through his fingers. Enraged by what happened to his father, Richard sets out to get revenge.

During his journey of vengeance, he faces many obstacles as a member of the House of York and must prepare himself to fight against The House of Lancaster for the throne of England.

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Aya Kanno’s dark fantasy series stands out from other manga of its genre owing to its unique intersexual protagonist, Richard Plantaganet III.

About Requiem Of The Rose King

Requiem of the Rose King is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Aya Kanno. The series is loosely based on the Shakespearean plays Richard III and Henry VI, Part 3.

The manga has been serialized in Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine since October 2013 and collected into 14 bound volumes.

It is licensed in English by Viz Media. An anime television series adaptation with the same name has been announced.

The protagonist Richard Plantagenet III has a dark cloud of confusion looming over his head.

He was born with the attributes of both genders which caused his mother to alienate him ever since he was a child.

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This hatred from his mother gave rise to Richard developing feelings of self-hatred and disgust throughout his life.

Requiem of the Rose King follows Richard in the 15th century. Richard’s father, the duke of York was set to be crowned the next King of England until the prospect was taken away from him.

Troubled by his own existence, Richard seeks revenge for his father and makes it his life’s purpose to help him achieve his dreams. 

During the “Wars of the Roses,” Richard’s House of York continues to struggle against the House of Lancaster for the throne of England.

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