Full spoilers for Chapter 1003 of Chapter 1003 Raw scans, leaks, story, preview and what to expect in this chapter


Zoro is also in battle and he is also protecting Luffy from an attack from King Kaido and then Luffy attacks Kaido using a new attack called “Jomo Jomo No More Kong Gatorengo”. In One Piece 1003 this battle can continue and we can see some new attacks and powers from both sides.

Big Mom hits Luffy with every monogamous version of “hahaba” (mother’s word for destruction) but Zorro saves him from their style.

The child and the killer move to attack Kaido who is still on the ground. The law attacked Big Mom with a counter-shock.

The chapter begins with Luffy’s punch Kaoidou using an improved four-fight gear.

Kaido spits blood from between his bow, and Big Mom is shocked.

Luffy throws a very effective punch at Kaido and drops to the bottom.

The CP0 chief is concerned with the way the merchant husband (Orochi) has died and that the banquet has turned into a war.

After the fall of Doflamingo, they indicated that a confrontation between Kaido and the more difficult generation would be inevitable.

Additionally, he says in the event that two of the Four Yunku end up collapsing together in this special battle.

The future of the world will soon become completely unexpected.

Airt happens outside within Luffy’s confines and Kidd isn’t surprised to think that Luffy could have been assaulted somehow.

Lu explains to him that it is just a complication of the fourth gear and Luffy will not be able to use the Haki for 10 seconds.

Kidd noted that this force contained risks and found the attacks seemed to do the job.

Kaidou climbs from the bottom and creates a tornado evenly blows Luffy and Zoro and then bounces around Luffy.

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