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I really have to take into account the surroundings that Natsu and Lucy were in. But that simply wasn’t so focused on fighting, as well as how easily Natsu was smashed. But the finish was really trendy, and I’m really happy to find it straightforward.

This is really a good chapter, so Natsu vs Lucy was really short but good, happy and it looks like Carla was as bad as the tigers, Gray vs. Wendy, satisfied and Karla will be epic and now Aquarius is now Lucy vs. Aquarius. , You can see the excellent chapter for the next chapter.

Quite sure this is the longest battle Capricorn we’ve noticed. Plus it only led to him being hunted. Seriously I enjoy the soul but it is really useless. What could he do that others like Loke, Virgo, and sometimes, even Taurus couldn’t?

Hopefully, there is an explanation why Gray can’t eat ice or why Natsu can’t melt it. Sure, silver did the same thing but there has been an energy creep since then

There is no idea of ​​who it is or what it is supposed to become.

Some interesting elements from the difficult translations, Hakone has charm, curse and spiritual artwork. Which is very cool and could result in Natsu learning to use these many capabilities, since he already has two of them. Manpower Natsu was not prepared and with all this they did not expect this new energy system. So I would expect an increase in energy / training if they escape.

Some intriguing elements in difficult translations, Hakone has the arts of magic, curse, and spiritual arts. That would be pretty startling and could cause Natsu to learn to use these three possibilities, given that he already has two of them. Natsu’s crew was not prepared for all that they hadn’t expected with this new network. So I hope for an increase in energy / training if they escape.

Holy shit, “Hakune is more OP than Raw suggested. So her spiritual arts freezes any kind of strength or intangible material. Like Lucy’s Battle, Quick, however, it has shown that Lucy will secure yourself extra strength.

They were likely to be rescued by the high priestess.

Really weak chapter. Lucy Bit was the only true decent type but then she moves on and forgets how her blood power works. I’m totally convinced we realized her spirits got stronger with her because it’s like the first FT arcs but no, we should be shocked to hear it.

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