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Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 66 Release Date, Spoilers

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 66 is going to be released soon and today in this article we will be sharing the official release date and spoilers of the upcoming article for everyone to read.

Fairy tail: The 100-year quest a sequel series written by Hiro Mashima and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. The series has been going on for some time and recently chapter 65 of the series has caught Fans by a big surprise.

The last chapter was a revisit to some old characters of the series i.e. Edolas fairy tail. The chapter surprised by making some non-canon character ships (pairings) canon i.e. Nalu (Natsu x Lucy) and Gruvia (Gray x Juvia). The chapter even showed them having kids. However, it came with a tease, as they were Edolas characters rather than their Earth Counterparts.

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 66

The chapter concluded with a cliffhanger, with Edo- Lucy warning Erza to not meet the Edo-Erza (Nightwalker). What is the reason behind this? Did Edo-Erza from the last time they met? Why does white mage want to save the mysterious place ‘Elentir’?

We will discuss all of these questions. But before anything else, let’s do a recap of the last chapter first before we move on to the spoilers and predictions of the upcoming Fairy Tail Chapter 66.

There are rumors going online regarding the anime adaption of The Fairy Tail 100 year quest but nothing has been confirmed yet just like unOrdinary anime.

Fairy Tail: 100-year quest chapter 65 Recap

 Chapter 65 “Elentir” is yet another short chapter which begins with the white wizard regaining her consciousness and shortly, having a discussion with Touka about the mysterious place ‘Elentir’. While she continuously mentions about saving Elentir and even begs Touka to ask Natsu squad to help her.

However, indicating how serious the situation was; she quickly uses Aqua Aera spell and suddenly vanishes, leaving everyone confused. Though, that not ends it, as we see Natsu squad vanishing as well.

Later, we see them in a mysterious place, which puts them in amazement as well. But they are even more surprised when a mysterious girl calls Lucy ‘Mama’, which leaves everyone baffled and Lucy flustered. Though, after meeting back with Edo-Lucy clears the situation, who explains that the girl was in fact her child named ‘Nasha’.

Soon, Natsu squad along with Edo-Lucy visits that Edo-fairy tail Guild. There, we see that Edo-Natsu and Lucy are married along with Edo- Gray and Juvia. Edo-gray and Juvia even have a boy named ‘Gierge’. This makes Both Lucy and Gray flustered and we have a small comic moment.

Wendy explains how Edolas after losing all its magic has progressed and how cars and steam engine development has started. It was a nice throwback and one could easily how much Edolas has developed after that.

Concluding the chapter, Lucy warns Earth Erza about not to meet the Edo-Erza Nightwalker. Following, we see Touka wondering, where she is and at last she is in dilemma over her return.

Fairy Tail: 100-year quest chapter 66 release date

Fairy Tail: The 100-year quest is bi-weekly manga. Chapter 66 of the manga series is scheduled to be released on “7 October 2020”.

At present, there are no potential spoilers or raw available for the upcoming chapter. They probably will be available 2-3 days prior to the official release date.

We will notify you as soon as they are available on the net. Also, check our articles on One Piece 992 and My Hero Academia 286 as they will be releasing this week on Shonen Jump website for everyone to read.

Fairy Tail: 100-year quest chapter 66 Predictions

Here, in this column, we will predict what possibly might occur in the next chapter or the following chapters. Do let us know what you think about the upcoming chapter in the comments below.

Erza Nightwalker marrying Edo Jellal (Mystogan):  

Erza primarily is a character known for her strength, hard and tough personality, Knighthood and ideals. However, the same could be said for Erza Nightwalker (Edo Erza), who shares these traits. In chapter 65- Edo Lucy warns her about, not to meet her. This could probably mean two things:

  1. She has gone through a considerable big change. It could be a change in behaviour, body size or even personality.
  2. Her marrying Prince Mystogan- It at one point may sound bizarre but her being the strongest warrior of Edolas and Mystogan being the Prince of Edolas- its not totally impossible.  This would be a big surprise for our Erza (Earth), as she herself is in love with Earth Jellal. This would be one of the high points of series. Because you won’t often see our Queen of fairies gets flustered.   

Mystogan Knowing about the place ‘Elentir’:

‘Elentir’ the name has taken the front seat in the series after Aldron. Yet, we don’t really have much information on it. The only potential lead we have is that Touka (the cat) and the white Mage, both have a connection with that place and the fact that white mage wishes to save it. It’s possible that it would be our heroes’ next stop.

Though, now that they are in Edolas, Mystogan might have information about this mysterious place. It’s a high possibility; he might know something which would explain about the place and its relationship between Selene- The moon dragon and the white mage.

How will they return to their original world?

This will be quite interesting, now that Edolas has lost all of its magic. The key to Natsu squad return to their original world could turn out to be fascinating and surprising. It’s obvious we may see Mystogan helping them out. In the chapter, Touka asks for water, so it’s quite possible we may see other Ft characters in this new arc.

The raw scans for Fairy Tail 100-Year chapter 66 raw scans are yet to be translated, so spoilers are not available yet. We will keep you updated, so check out our articles on Attack On Titan 133 and Boruto Chapter 51 while you wait.

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