Eren Die, Will Eren Die in Attack on Titan – Ymir’s Curse


Eren is totally raging and has everyone against him. He has no return and killed countless people. Is Eren’s death inevitable? Needless to say, he was a ray of hope for humanity at first, and suddenly he turned into an opponent. This blog will contain the full story of Erin Yeager and how he turns into a brutal, ruthless beast. In the end we will discuss – Eren Die, Will Eren Die in Attack on Titan – Ymir’s Curse

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Eren’s death

Eren's death

Eren is currently the most powerful person in the world. He controls the Army of Titans and also creates all 9 Titans using the Warhammer titan ability. But it all comes at a cost. The cost is his life. Eren will die considering the fact that he is the founding giant. Regardless, even if he desires to be good and get everything back to normal, not everyone will forgive him.

What is the Ymir curse?

Essentially, the Ymir curse is said to give the founding giant a life span of up to 13 years after gaining power. Ymir died after a 13-year fight and her three daughters ate her body until they gained giant powers. And therefore Eren’s death It is inevitable if this is true.

Eren’s death – speculation

In recent news, voice actors Eren Yeager has cried while he was practicing for the final season. The production confirmed that the ending would be very sad and not a happy ending. Well, what more can you expect from an anime that has the best gore and action sequences in anime history. All these facts tend towards Eren’s death.

Who is Eren Yeager – past, present and future!

Who is Eren Yeager - Past, Present and Future!

Eren Yeager was an innocent and happy child who dreamed of seeing the world behind the walls that surrounded him. His world completely changed when the wall was destroyed and the mighty men slaughtered his entire village including his mother directly in front of him. He pledged to join the Survey Authority and single-handedly kill all the titans (the fury in his eyes was unmatched by any other character).

The last hope for humanity

After becoming a member of the reconnaissance staff, he faces another breach and goes to fight a giant. But it is eaten by a giant and suddenly turns into a giant. Turns out his father had injected him with spinal fluid, giving him tremendous powers. Once he turns into a giant he literally saves everyone and gets caught. The whole country fears him and is trying to execute him. But Levi steps in and takes responsibility for Eren, and will train Eren and also vow to kill him if he turns against humanity.

As events unfold, he slowly discovers the truth and learns that it was his teammates who destroyed the wall and caused thousands of deaths including his mother. He fights the Armored Colossus and also battles various events in the form of the last hope of mankind – Attack of Titan.

The turning point

Later, learn about his past and the Eldid Empire through his father’s past memories and all other memories as well. This changes it completely. He decides to take revenge on the entire world.

Eren became the thing he swore to destroy

Eren Death, Will Eren Die in Attack on Titan - Ymir Curse

As you can see from here, Eren decides to go ahead and fight for Eldian after learning the truth behind his father Grisha Yaeger’s sacrifice in order to obtain the founding giant from the Rod Reiss Rite. Even now, there are several theories about Eren dies, will Eren die?

Currently, Eren reaches his final odd looking form and also controls all the Titans who reside within the walls (Colossal Titans). He advances forward to destroy the entire world in order to allow the Eldian to live in peace. It shows the world the Eldian hatred and malice that has accumulated for generations. Now the whole world realizes their mistake in treating the Eldian as slaves. The amount of torture that the Elders were subjected to was just plain insane.

Why is Erin destroying the world?

Eren Death, Will Eren Die in Attack on Titan - Ymir Curse

Erin keeps memories of all the previous mutants of the founding giant and also learns a lot from your costume. So in conclusion, he learns about a plan called “Euthanasia plan” Where they sterilize and extinct all the religion. So Erin follows the plan accordingly and also secretly changes the plan. Eren’s plan is to destroy the entire world and create a place where religion can live in peace.

Eren moves forward to destroy the entire world starting with Marley with his army of Colossal Titans. Meanwhile, Rainer, Annie and Beck team up with the 15The tenth Squad and plans to talk to Eren. They would literally try to convince him not to destroy the world. In the end, when they tried to talk to Eren, he said he was free to go ahead and that he had given his friends the freedom to kill him.

Erin has a death rate of 90% because Levi mentioned Erin death as his founding giant. Historia says she will carry a child for him but has yet to say who that child is, which makes the plot even more suspicious. Mostly, Erin will eventually die and give his powers to Historia’s child. The alternative would be the complete elimination of all gigantic forces and the elimination of Satan’s name. But it will not destroy the memories of the wise. This is due to the fact that he will make the same mistake again which will be passed on to future generations.

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Where to read Attack on Titan Manga?

Where do you read Attack on Titan Chapter 136?

All final chapters of Attack on Titan are available to read on Kodansha Comics. Please read the manga on the official sites provided because we strongly condemn the use of illegal sites.

About Titan Manga Attack

Attack on Attack Season Four updates.  What to expect from Season 4 of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Hajime Isayama created Shingeki no Kyojin in 2009 and posted it via Kodansha. At that time it was not very popular. But as it began to circulate among readers, its popularity increased. Hence, Shingeki no Kyojin’s manga journey began. The manga is currently continuing even after it has run for 11 years. Titan Manga Attack has reached Chapter 134 after 32 successful volumes.

Isayama stated that the manga will end in 2020. After reading Chapter 135 of Attack on Titan, fans are eager to see what will happen in Chapter 136 as the story reaches its climax. Attack on Titan Chapter 136 will be released on January 9, 2021. Make sure to check this as soon as possible.

Shingeki no Kyojin’s manga have set many records and surpassed many milestones. Attack on Titan Manga joined the 100 million club on December 25th. Which also happens to be Levi’s birthday. The 100 Million Club includes some big names like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Astro Boy, Doraemon, etc. Moreover, Attack on titan has touched this mark in only 10 years. This is very touching. To show the series’ popularity around the world. Kondasha has started a campaign around the world. it’s called “Break the wall” campaign. They have a few campaign videos.

You can read more about Attack on Titan Manga’s achievements here.

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