English stream of Sakura Wars and Tamayomi Anime by Funimation.


The news came on Monday that Fenimation English dubbing will be broadcast for all episodes “Sakura Wars animation” Tuesday. Tamome: The Baseball Girls It will also air on the same day. The English cast for each of the series is listed below.

English cast to Tamome: The Baseball Girls is being:

  • Megan Shipman Such as daily
  • Christine McGuire Such as Tamaki
  • Amanda Lee Such as Ibuki, Yoshino
  • Catlin Barr Such as Kyouka
  • Julie Shields Such as irrigation
  • Christy Rothrock Such as Risa
  • Missy Ann Johnson Such as Rio
  • Sarah Roach Such as Sumire
  • Amber Lee Connors Such as Kazumi
  • Emily Nevis Such as Nozomi
  • Dawn M Bennett Such as Shirajiko

Pickens He is the director of ADR, and Nevis The script writer is ADR. ShipmanAnd the Alexis TiptonAnd the Huff, And the Brianna Villarreal They are the associate directors; And the PickensAnd the Austin Cesc, Jose Sandoval, Manuel Aragon, Hove and Villarreal, They are ADR engineers.

The cast is in English “Sakura Wars animation” Includes:

  • Sherami Lee Such as Sakura
  • Stephanie Young Such as Anastasia
  • Sarah Wiedenhvet Such as The greatest
  • Amanda Army Such as Clarissa
  • Emily Nevis Such as Elise
  • Lucy Christian Such as Hakushu
  • Amber Lee Connors Such as Hatsuho
  • Ian Sinclair Such as Kamiyama
  • Michelle Ruff Such as Kanzaki
  • Monica Real Such as Kaoru
  • Lindsay Seidel Such as Clara
  • Tia Ballard Such as Komachi
  • Felicia Angel Such as Lancelot
  • Terry Doughty Such as Layla

Stephen Hoff It is ADR Director, Dotty The script writer is ADR, and Rowley Pickens He is the mix engineer.

Such as Sakura Wars animation Aired in JapanAnd the Fenimation Stream it. It is the TV anime of Sakura Wars The game was first introduced in April 2020 by Tokyo MX.

Anime in Sanzhijin It was taken out by Manabu Ono. Tatsuhiko Urahata, Who have collaborated with Ono On the “Sake” And the “The horizon is in the middle of nowhere” Anime, was responsible for the scenarios of the series besides Ono. Anime music composed by Kohi Tanaka.

Masahi KudoAnd the Takuya Chanohara And the Tatsuya Fukushima They are the designers of anime characters. Mechanical designs have been provided before Fumihiro Katagai, they were Suzuki And the Mika Akitaka. The Moscow Attack Force characters were designed before Mica Picazo. Katsunori Shimizu Served the function of audio manager.

at April 2020TV Anime by Tamayomi manga from Mount Pocoichi It was first shown in Japan. The anime was aired under the title Tamimi Baseball Girls by Fenimation Because it takes the heat inside Japan.

The anime has been directed to A Cat Studio by Toshinori Fukushima. He was the head of the series’ composition Toko Machida. The characters were designed by Koichi Kikuta. Prop designs are managed by Masahiko Matsu. He was the art director Iggy Iwase. Tsukasa Uhira Managed the technical designs management. Color designs were handled by Chihu Nakamura. CG was directed by Yuichi Goto. He was the director of photography John Kubota. Editing has been taken care of Kazuhiro Nii And the direction of the sound was done by Hiroto Morishita.

All in all, both anime will be really fun to watch. Stay tuned to stay informed.



Funimation will be streamed in English of the Sakura Wars and Tamayomi Anime Wars. He made his debut on Spoiler Guy.

source : spoilerguy.com


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