Eastward game release date for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


Announced back in 2018, Pixel’s Artistic Journey East is finally set to release on September 16th. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch and on laptops through steam, humble save, and gog.

A new trailer has also been released, impressing the mysterious futuristic world and its many wonders. Check it out below. Don’t let its captivating aesthetic fool you – the East is located in an international world where civilization has collapsed due to a toxic “existence” that destroys all.

The survivors now reside in the underground villages, forming new communities within the method. As a miner named John, you come across an extraordinary woman named Sam whose memory has gone wrong and who possesses unique powers.

In the end, the duo will embark on a great adventure, using the railroad to travel to the USA, interacting with unique characters, and even capturing various enemies.

Switching between John and Sam allows you to solve unique puzzles and find hidden paths. For larger games heading east.


East is an exquisitely accurate and charming amusement ride, from primarily Shanghai-based indie developers, Pixel. Soon, society begins to disintegrate, and the human population is at an all-time low.

The presence of a deadly poison spread throughout the land, destroying and eating everything in its path. People who had to escape from the swamp flocked to the underground villages to start a new life.

But for a hardworking miner and a mysterious young lady, a thriving door wish looms across the world…

Break out of the tyrannical clutches of the landfill subterranean community and be part of an unexpected duo heading east on a fun journey to the land above!

Discover beautiful and exotic settlements and make new friends as you travel around the world via railroads.

East: Release date

The game will come out this month, on September 16th, with variations on Microsoft Windows Home (via Steam) and the Nintendo Switch.

The developers have officially announced releases for these systems. But at the moment, no reputable announcement has been made for the ps4, ps 5, Xbox one or Xbox series models.

Eastward is an upcoming sports ride developed with the help of indie builders in Shanghai, Pixel. The game takes players to an underground society close to fate, which has been destroyed by a deadly poisonous presence.

Therefore, you may see a major breakdown in this community. The population is declining at an extraordinary pace, as toxins destroy the entire population on their way.

Many people move away from the swamp and move underground. With this humans start a completely new way of life in the underground villages.

However, an exciting world awaits John, a hardworking miner, Sam, a mysterious younger lady. From now on, the two can come together, using their powers to solve dungeon mysteries, eliminating unfamiliar enemies. With this, they will try and continue having deadly miasma.

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