Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 spoilers and leaks hint toward a new transformation technique


The previous chapter ends with, “The balance of the seventh universe will soon change, the strongest fighter in the universe will be born.” Looking at the events of the previous chapter, there are high chances for Chapter 69 all about hinting at Vegeta’s new transformation.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69

DBS manga chapter 69 will be out soon. Stay tuned!

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 69 release date – when will it start air?

The manga usually drops a chapter on the nineteenth or twentieth day of every month until or unless there is a delay. The same applies to this month. By Dbshype Twitter User – Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 will be released on February 19, 2021 On Manga Plus or Viz.

Dragon Ball Super 69 – leaks and spoilers

Preview out for the next chapter. Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super Manga will officially mark the beginning of Granola: The Survivor Saga. With the arrival of Granola, we are seeing a new boom! A battle will shake the galaxy, what will Goku and the Earth warriors do !?

Other leaks and spoilers for DBS manga 69 chapter will be available soon. Initial scans of the manga will be released 4-5 days before the official release date.

Update: Previews and spoilers are now out of chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super manga.

Dragon Ball Super DBS chapter 69

DBS Chapter 69 is titled Planet Grain Succession. The entire chapter revolves around Granola’s backstory. He returns to his planet to discover that it was destroyed 40 years ago by Frieza and the army.

The people of Suga live in a town that Hita built on the Planet of Grain. Granola is on good terms with the Suga people but decided to live on a mountain with someone over 500 years old. The view from the mountain lets him see the view of the city he was living in before the planet was wiped out.

The other side of the chapter revolves around having a conversation between Beerus and Vegeta. Finally, Beerus decided to teach Vegeta the style of the God of Destruction.

As usual, Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super ends with a preview and release date for the next chapter.

About the Dragon Ball franchise

Dragon Ball – one of the most famous franchises out there. The franchise was introduced by creator, writer, and illustrator Akira Toriyama in 1984. The manga was initially part of Weekly Shonen Jump. Dragon Ball manga is second only to Eichiro Oda’s One Piece when it comes to overall sales.

Dragon Ball Super is the continuation of the popular manga series. The story covers the many years following the defeat of Majin Buu, with a new understanding of angels and gods. Moreover, as of now, there are 68 manga chapters on air. Chapter 69 To be released soon. Here is the DBS Manga trailer:

Post Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Spoilers and Leaks Hint towards a new transformation technique debuted on Spoiler Guy.

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