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Dr. Stone Chapter 170 Spoilers, English Raw Scans Release Date

It was never a normal war – it was Science vs Science. Dr. Stone has finished another great arc and fans are eager to move on to the next arc. Dr. Stone Chapter 170 will be the start of the South America Exploration arc.

As our heroes get towards the source of the petrification problem, the world is on its way to gaining a million new people.

Fans are complaining that the final portion of the arc is rushed and things played out way too soon. It is true – we all expected it to be more drawn out, more dramatic.

But bear in mind, a full-on war would have led to negative emotions and that is not the direction the writers are willing to go. We will address this more in the discussion section, so stick with us.

Dr. Stone 170 will be the start of the South America Arc – the official name is known right now. As usual, Senku is in the center of the upcoming events. But now we have a new ally besides Ryusui and Chrome.

Dr. Stone 170 Spoilers

That is Dr. Xeno – a person just like Senku. How will his presence affect our upcoming adventures?

The spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming Dr. Stone chapter is going to be released soon and we have shared all the details with you down below to check.

Manga chapters like Black Clover 268 and My Hero Academia 288 will also be releasing on the same day as Dr. Stone so make sure to check them out while you wait for the raw and spoilers to get released.

Dr. Stone Chapter 170 Release Date:

Fans are all excited about the progress and there are no breaks in sight. The raws scans of Dr Stone 170 will be arriving on October 14, 2020. These are the original Japanese version and they’re extracted directly from the Weekly Shonen Jump’s latest issue.

Next comes the fan translation. We’re unsure about this week since the schedule is somewhat messed up. The Korean fansubs will arrive on October 15, but the English probably won’t.

Dr Stone Chapter 170 will release its official English translations on October 16, 2020. It will be a free to read chapter and you should visit Viz, Mangaplus websites or the Shonen Jump app to read it. Remember, it’ll be free for 3 weeks only.

Shonen Jump’s monthly manga like Boruto Chapter 51 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 will be releasing this week so keep an eye out and let us know if you liked them.

Read Dr. Stone 170 Spoilers:

The leaks and text reveals are the main sources of spoilers. As of now, they aren’t out. But keep an eye on our site, we will post them as soon as they’re available. Dr Stone 170 spoilers should be arriving withing October 15.

It is hard to predict what is coming – this is the phase for new reveals, new characters, and new plots. Dr. Stone 170 will wither be a chapter of rest or the setup chapter for the new story. Either way, Senku, and his friends have a lot on their plate.

Dr. Stone Manga 170 Discussion And Predictions:

For the last few chapters, a crazy amount of occurrences flew past us. It’s hard to even keep track of it. But if you notice carefully, there is a great connection between the arcs, thus easing the transition and for us to read Dr Stone 170. We didn’t have the satisfaction of a Saga ending but it was still great.

The final goodbye is oddly reminiscent of One Piece

Dr. Stone Chapter 170

Why is Stanley chasing Senku?

Despite Xeno being the finally opponent, Stanley is the actual foe. To be honest, fans of the series would love to get an honest showdown between Tsukasa and Stanley. Anyways, Stanley and Xeno are childhood friends; the Kingdom of Science has encroached on to their lands and taken Xeno hostage. Isn’t that reason enough to chase them?

Stanley is also the main protector of New America and he is simply doing his duty – quite effective we might add. Going forward, he will keep chasing our heroes, probably even a brief bout in Dr Stone Manga 170 too. Notice that he is doing nothing to hamper the alliance – which means he is not a villain.

How will Senku keep avoiding Stanley?

Dr Stone 170 onwards, Senku will have to live the life of man on the run, constantly dodging Stanley. He expressed confidence in his ability to do so. By using his own intellect, and by using the blooming genius of Chrome, they will constantly evade their opponent and have a great adventure at South America.

We got a great example in the latest chapter. Senku used a great arrow in his quiver to show that he can definitely get past Stanley in a narrow stream – that means he can do it in the big wide world too. A simple but effective trick. They used the petrification device to divert Stanley’s attention to shooting it. After that, they casually moved past him.

What will the alliance do now?

The Japan U.S alliance will now move on to a constructive phase. Dr. Stone 170 might give us a glimpse of it. The people of the Kingdom of Science will be helping the U.S in reviving the petrified people. Their target is to create a bustling nation of a million in population. Using the advanced technology of the U.S, it will be a giant step towards a greater civilization.

The new arc will be here soon, so are you excited? The Dr. Stone season 2 anime will be released soon and there is news of Vinland Saga Season 2 getting released at the same time as well.

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