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Stay tuned for Bus simulator 21, the most advanced and most advanced fleet within the collection’s records. For Bus Simulator 21, a fleet of 30 officially certified buses by world-famous producers along with Volvo, Alexander Denis, Scania, BYD, Grand West and Blue Chicken will be part of the fashion using famous manufacturers already covered within the former installment (Mercedes-Benz, Citra , iveco bus, and man).

For the first time, you may have the risk of accommodating difficult situations for everyday visitors inside the cockpit of double-decker buses and electric powered buses.

Get ready for a cool new Seashore Angels map logo and a revamped version of the Beach Valley ECU map from the previous Sports Edition – which includes its own map extension.

The best open world technology of bus simulator 21 strategy You may enjoy the interesting daily presence of bus using pressure in freely exploreable mega cities, which include commercial projects and hinterland, colorful Chinatown district, concert, surrounding mountainous geographic area, and company business park. Very good problem stages and game modes are also available for a large variety of player types.

In bus simulator 21 it will not be as simple as you can develop into a capable driver with endless miles on the road – moreover, you may have the option to use extended controls.

Develop special schedules, shop and sell buses, plan efficient routes that take into account the daily diversity of passengers in peak hours – these and other diverse tasks are available as a way to have fun. Would you choose to get up from the back of the office and take your bus routing in your arms?

In addition, website traffic and artificial intelligence for pedestrians, advanced snapshots, the dynamic day and night cycle closely linked to the rush hour machine as well as unique climatic situations make the bus ride a first-class immersive ride.

Play in both unmarried participant mode or synchronous multiplayer mode, ship your passengers safely and directly to their destinations and receive your reward in a timely and secure manner when the payday is over.

Freely usable convenience capabilities, which include quick jumping to favorite stops on the map (fast travel), fast rerouting time, and no delays in following your NPC bus routes, all in a fully virtual bus driver package and more laughs behind the wheel!

Enjoy bus simulator 21 on your laptop or consoles to get maximum full bus driving, enjoy the group information. Computer Recreation – Boxed Model, English subtitles and audio recording Genre: Simulation – Get ready for the all-new American map, Angel Beaches, EU Beach Valley map recreated model from the previous version – Consists of map zoom Provides you 21 most open bus simulation technology The risk of enjoying the exciting existence day by day of bus driving force in two big cities that you can explore freely.

Bus Simulator 21 changes the language

Switching the entertainment settings allows players to enjoy the sport of their preferred or nearby language. Doing so is quite a clean approach in Bus simulator 21. Simply follow the steps indicated below to trade the language in Bus simulator 21:

Go to the settings menu inside the top category “Play Bus UI”. Choose the “Known Settings” subcategory.
After that, it will open a completely new window and ask you to choose the language of your choice. So, choose your language of choice from here. Click Apply and it is executed.

With the help of performing the above steps, you can without difficulty change the game language for this entertainment. So, this has become almost all fun language diversion for bus simulator 21. If you have selected this text useful then match it to your friends to help them use this feature.

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