Do you want to do Battle Tartare in ARK Mobile & Shadow Steak


This dish gives you many useful buffs in combat. Eat it to benefit from an additional surge of +60% melee damage, +50% movement speed, 15% resistance to damage, and high stamina regeneration.

Plus, it makes you gobble up meals and water 50% faster. The results are final for 180 seconds, during which you will lose 0. 45 HP step by step with 2d; For a total loss of eighty-one horsepower.

Food spoils in 5 hours. Eat shadow steak to benefit from +50 thermal and superheat insulation, and 80% weapon defect reduction for 180 seconds (three minutes).

Contrary to the original recipe description, it now does not provide advanced night vision. This is very useful for cave exploration, provides resistance to bloodless environments, and reduces weapon draft, which is ideal given the fact that shotguns are exceptionally effective in caves and take advantage of this advantage.

Additionally, it works great when using a long-necked rifle or sniper rifle fabricated at large distances, as the use of this plate and bend will reduce scope movement to nearly 0.

How to make shadow steaks and lime battle in ARK mobile?

You can make recipes in a cooking pot or an industrial cooker, which a business cook is more difficult to make with it open.

Throughout the 89th stage takeoff game, but she cooks dinner faster and can hold more ingredients compared to the cooking pot that can be opened while you reach 16th.

Shadow Steak

To cook shadow steak, you will need the ingredients listed below.

3 cooked meat
rock carrot
save root
20 mejoberries
eight drugs

When you have all five materials, put them in a cooking pot or industrial stove with gas, if using a cooking pot then load wood and water also, ignition powder can also be painted in place of wood, allowed to craft.

battle of lime

To cook the hardy lime, you’ll need the items listed below.

eight alarms
Three raw meat
2 rare flower
20 mejoberries

Take all 6 of these items and put them in a cooking pot or industrial cooker with gas, if you are using a cooking pot, add wood and water properly, lighting powder can also work in place of wood, allowed to craft. These are the ways you can make shadow steak and war gear in ark mobile

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