Do you want to change PS5 controller from Bluetooth to USB to reduce input lag


Why use the PS5 DualSense wired controller?

This reduces ping. The desire of bluetooth (wi-fi) puts you in a hurdle in online video games because it takes a few milliseconds to communicate button presses to the ps5 controller.

While you add this up with pings from online video games and TV lags, this will result in more than 200 milliseconds of overall lag. The use of a wired connection is some distance the greatest strength.

This is also one of the reasons why you do not see in tournaments expert esports players using BlueTooth, because it is very slow and affects aggressive games.

As another gain, the use of the wired option in such a way that in no case will the battery run out inside the center of the suit.

In the event that your PS5 is too far from where you are sitting or if something is blocking your view, or if you have many other wireless signals interfering with each other, this could result in more than one BlueTooth controller. One second is randomly delayed or even disconnected with a full battery.

If you experience any delays in inserting a large console, make sure to apply a USB connection as an alternative to fix it.

You can also try using your double sense as a tense console. The ps5 console usually uses Bluetooth to connect, which can cause a delay if the signal is obstructed in any way. If you are concerned with using the stressful approach, go to Settings from the Home screen.

Inside the Settings menu, choose Accessories and then Controllers on the left tab. Next, choose “Verbal Exchange Technique” and replace it with “Using a USB cable”.

In case you want to use an extended usb cable on your dual sense and ps5, you can check out this guide for options.

PS5 controller: Bluetooth to USB

Many gamers suffer from the ps5 controller bluetooth connection because it sometimes ends up with input lag which leads to passive gaming enjoyment.

So, to remove this issue, here are the ladders you need to follow to connect the ps5 controller to the console via USB:

As we all know ps5 controller is bluetooth ready with default setting. So, you want to trade a setup inside the console so you can join it via a USB cable.

Connecting the cable will not work immediately without switching the mode in this case. So, follow these steps to replace the controller settings from Bluetooth to USB:

Go to settings
Choose accessories
Here, under the Controller section, select Statement Policy
In this setting, select “Use a USB cable”

So, by this method, you can join your ps5 console to ps5 console through USB cable. If you decided this article was helpful, share it with your friends.

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