Complete Raw Scans for Singles Settlement Chapter 138 Story Summaries have been released online and more for you to read


Aside from the impending conflict, the new release will reveal just a few of these long-awaited events that fans want to see.

It might seem like the conflict between Jin-Woo and the Dungeon Master. However, it was seen whether he would support the king or face head-on against him.

Jin-Woo defeated Legia, and now also the Japanese owe the Hunter a huge debt. To cover that, Jin-Woo asks to conquer the Japan Gate at this moment.

Sung Jin-Woo remembers when he sought to talk to the creatures, but no creature explained their origins. He asks that the monster he’s talking about is the rulers.

The Giant replies that they are the opponents of the first kings and asks Jin-Woo when he is annexed.

Sung Jin-Woo concludes that if the beast is tied in this way, then it means that it is king as well. He agrees to everything that Sung Jin-Woo’s logic continues.

Perhaps one of the fans’ most anticipated guesses is that the new chapter will feature a conflict between the Dungeon Supervisor and Sung-Jing Woo.

Amateurs are anticipating a bargain Hunter Jing Woo made in order to be able to move openly after the conquest of the Japan Gate and also expect the experiences that will lead to narration.

Big Shows watching Kings as well as Rulers on Sung Jin-W00. The gigantic comment that Sung Jin-Woo isn’t strong enough in his nation that he is in reality today.

He won’t experience these two races at the same time, and he wants support in a strong being like him.

The elder asks Sung Jin-Woo to release him from the ring. This is when he’s going to hang around with Sung Jin-Woo, and Sung Jin-Woo also looks at the elder.

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