Chapter 55 of Boruto’s Theories, Spoilers, and Leaks: Tricks Amadu Kawaki to use karmic sealing powers


Spoilers and leaks will be posted in Boruto Chapter 55 very soon since the manga issue is only 2-3 days away from the release date. There is actually a lot of information about the next storyline in the form of manga previews and ads, as the dots will be connected very soon.

There are many Boruto 55 theories floating on the Internet and some of them can turn out to be true. Most predictions say that Amadu will betray the Konoha Village and something will happen to Kawaki and his karma stamp. Here are more updates on Boruto Chapter 55 theories, spoilers, leaks, initial scans, release date and online manga reading for Styles.

Chapter 55 Boruto theories, spoilers and leaks

Chapter 55 Boruto theories, spoilers and leaks

One of the theories of Boruto‚Äôs last chapter 55 says that the manga story will show the dangers of using the Baryon mode and how this affected Naruto’s health. It might be possible that since Naruto used so much of his life chakra that he went into a coma or had only a few years left to live it. Sarada and Mitsuki will also get some screens in Boruto chapter 55 where the ladies have not been mentioned for long.

Amado will then trick Kawaki to re-seal his karma by saying he can save Naruto’s life. It might also be possible that Kawaki initially turns down the offer but then Code attacks the Leaf Village. Kawaki will have no choice but to accept the offer and Amado will re-seal the karma on him which somehow returns Jigen or any other Otsutsuki. Boruto Chapter 55 can end with skipping time as Kawaki is overrun by Otsutsuki and turned to evil.

Chapter 55 of Boruto official release date and online manga reading

Chapter 55 of Boruto official release date and online manga reading

Boruto Chapter 55’s release date is currently set for February 21, 2021, according to the official manga website.

Chapter 55 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can be read online for free on the official platforms, and the latest three chapters are available without any subscription.

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