Chapter 300: Endeavor’s Biggest Fan


Fans are not happy with the previous chapter of My Hero Academia. The previous chapter was also about Hawkes’ past. Let’s not forget the fact that fans have been waiting for Deku’s status but Creator decided to show Hawks’ past. We personally feel this chapter is an important one because this chapter shows all the reasons why Hawks is a fan of Endeavor. On the other hand, Villains manage to shatter the Hero community by showing Endeavor’s past. Gunst revealed that Pro Heroes has shut down their agencies after all the criticism against them. Endeavor Hawks will help. So what’s next for a hawk? Will Class 300 of My Hero Academia cover Deco case as well? Let’s find out – so, hello guys, in this post, we’re going to talk about Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 300. We’ve included every possible detail, including the official release date and where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 300.

As mentioned earlier, the previous chapter on My Hero Academia was totally unexpected after creating a buzz in the name of Deku Status. But somehow, chapter 299 was also important. From now on, every chapter of Boku No My Hero Academia will lead to an uprising in the community of heroes.

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Boku No Hero Academia chapter 300

MHA Chapter 300 will be the next thing to look for on the internet after getting an unexpected chapter that fans are searching for. So what do you think, how the creator will grow to be the next new arc. What will happen in the MHA 300? But before that, the basic question would be, what is the release date of BNHA Chapter 300? Let’s find out-

Release day

With Hawks back and the creator not even bothering to show off Deku’s status, fans are more than ever happy to learn the details of the BNHA 300 release. So, according to the schedule, Chapter 300 will release My Hero Academia on February 7, 2021.

What is the release date for chapter 300 of Boku No My Hero Academia?

As mentioned above, the previous chapter of the series wasn’t something fans expected. So, the question still remains – will Deku be alright? Why didn’t he wake up like any other character in the series? Is there anything severe? All of this may be revealed in My Hero Academia 300 leaks and according to the information, BNHA Chapter 300 Raw Scans and Spoilers may be released on February 5th, 2021.

MHA Chapter 300

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 300 Predictions and Speculations

Fans can do almost anything to find out the details regarding the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia. Since the previous semester did not live up to fan expectations, we think BNHA Chapter 300 will hit fans by exceeding their expectations. So, without further delay, let’s get started-

Deco case

We mentioned this also in our previous article from My Hero Academia as well. questions? Will Izuku Midoriya be okay? Well let’s answer it quickly – yeah !!. Those who don’t remember the beginning of the first scene from the animated series or the prologue to Deku- “My name is Izuku Midoriya and this is the story of how I became the first hero.” So, he’ll be fine, and this might reveal in chapter 300 my academic hero.

MHA Chapter 300

Endeavor position

Let’s not forget the fact that Dabby’s plan to reveal Endeavor’s dark past literally struck both Endeavor and Shoto and shook their hearts. Moreover, Endeavor’s career is on the line now. The previous chapter also shows that humans’ belief in society has now been shaken. BNHA Chapter 300 will likely cover this part as well.

Where to read Chapter 300 of My Hero Academia?

Chapter 300: My Hero Academia Available for reading Meaning or Mangaploss. Since the manga is one of the weekly shonen manga, it will release a new chapter every week.

The chapter appeared after My Hero Academia Chapter 300: Endeavor’s Biggest Fan debut on Spoiler Guy.

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