Chapter 1003: Yonkos vs. Super Novas


“Jomo Jomo No Kung Gatling and Kaido on the ground.” Can you believe how the table turns in our little pirate demons on the nerves of two sea lords – Kaido and Big Mom. The One Piece franchise makes every effort to deliver a truly great story. guess what? The supernova has finally landed on Kaido. Chapter 1002 of the One Piece Kidd, Zoro, Keeler, and Luffy Attributes Act also used a barrage of Kaido Dragon Attacks so, Big Mom stepped between them and used her new “Indra” attack on a supernova. Luffy used his stretchy body as insulation. Besides, Kaido used his polo breath and expected Luffy to be affected but Luffy believed in his abilities. bowels And I used “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling”. As we mentioned above, Eiichiro Oda puts everything into place to make this fight worth remembering. Now, what are the events that will happen in One Piece Chapter 1003? Will Luffy get his new look? Or something unexpected will happen on the part of the villain? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered-

So guys, in this post, we’re going to talk about One Piece Chapter 1003. We’ve included every possible detail regarding the official release date and where you can officially read it. What will happen in One Piece 1003? Without further ado, let’s do it-

One Piece Episode 1003

Oda with excellence makes every effort it can put into place to perfect every element of the class. This is what the One Piece franchise has to offer in the previous chapter in the series. Fan’s prediction with Chapter 1003 of One Piece is literally beyond the sky. Will the franchise be able to meet fan expectations in the upcoming season? Let’s find out-

Release day

Unlike any other chapter, One Piece Chapter 1003 is on schedule. There is no delay in One Piece Manga Chapter 1003. So, according to the schedule, One Piece Chapter 1003 will be released on February 7, 2021.

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Raw scans and leaks

As we mentioned above, fans are very excited to know the details of One Piece Chapter 1003. So, according to our sources, the initial scans of One Piece Chapter 1003 may be released on February 5th, 2021.

One Piece Episode `` 1003

Spoilers reveal chapter 1003 of One Piece

Chapter 1003: Reflected tonight on the GO Board

Luffy will hit Kaido and manage to shed some blood. Once again, Luffy will land another enough punch to hit Kaido this time. All the other characters will be amazed at Luffy’s strength, especially Big Mom.

Big Mom will attack Luffy with the flaming version of “Ha-ha-ha,” but guess what? – Zoro will save him. On the other hand, Kid and Killer will see this as an opportunity and try to attack whoever is still on Earth. But Kaido will use his powers to create a tornado that detonates Luffy and Zorro.

Zoro will use “Kokujou Oo Tatsu Maki” to counter Kaido’s attack. Zorro managed to deal a heavy blow to Kaido that cut his body. This will when Kaido feels something similar to Odin’s aura. This is because Zorro uses Oden’s sword.

Again, at the counter, Kaido will use a “Tatsumaki Kaifuu” which includes a sharp blade in a tornado. Kaido attacks Luffy with him, but Zoro will save him, and Kidd and Law will swipe all the blades.

Both Kaido and Big Mom will feel anxious and look forward to the endless battle against the supernova. Chapter ends.

Where do you see One Piece Chapter 1003?

One Piece Episode 1003 Available for free at Phys Media And the Mangaploss. However, we strongly condemn the use of anime streaming or reading manga on unofficial website. A new chapter comes every week. On top of that, be sure to follow Spoilerguy Because manga stops working many times every now and then.

What is One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda is the brains behind the entire One Piece franchise. He started the manga in 1997 and has completed 97 volumes in total. Shueisha and Viz Media are currently publishing the manga. The anime series One Piece is also equally popular and has broken many records. Chapter 1003 will release One Piece this week, which paves the way for Chapter 1003 of One Piece. This huge achievement really deserves the One Piece franchise.

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