Chapter 1003 Spoilers, Leaks, and Summary: Luffy and Zoro will fight the Kaido Hybrid soon


Spoilers and leaks from One Piece Chapter 1003 are now discontinued and fans have also compiled a full manga summary. Despite this, everyone should wait another two days and legally read the manga from official sources. The One Piece 1003 chapter reveals a lot of new things and Kaido’s transformation into his hybrid form is a huge cliffhanger. Luffy lost his Haki and Gear 4 for 10 minutes, it would be a big problem to fight the Kaido Hybrid under these conditions.

Warning: Chapter 1003 spoilers ahead of One Piece

Chapter 1003 Spoilers, Leaks and Summary

Chapter 1003 Spoilers, Leaks and Summary

Spoilers Chapter 1003 and the synopsis mainly show the Battle of Supernova vs Yonko. Zorro appears to be the strongest fighter in the group as she saved Luffy from Big Mom and Kaido. The Strawhat Pirate’s first companion also attacks Kaido and cuts his scales. Kaido has no choice but to switch to his hybrid form as Zoro is an absolute monster with an Enma sword in his hands.

Cipher Pol CP0 also watches the battle of Onigashima closely in One Piece 1003 chapter and plans to crush the pirates once they are done with each other. It is an amazing plan where the alliance and the pirates of the monsters will lose most of their men and be too tired to fight towards the end.

Chapter 1003 of One Piece ends with Kaido standing taller than Big Mom in his hybrid form and the two laughing at Yonkos, saying things got fun. It would be very difficult for Luffy to fight the Kaido Hybrid because he lost his emulator for ten minutes. Zoro is already doing his best and he even had a hard time facing Hybrid Kaku in Impel Down, so it won’t be easy for Zoro. Kid, Killer and Law must soon discover something to confront Yonkos and rescue Luffy in the meantime.

Chapter 1003 One Piece officially releases on Sunday, February 7 at 11 AM EST and fans can read the manga online for free from the following legal sources.

  • Manga Plus
  • Viz Media – Shonen Jump


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