Chapter 1003 spoilers, initial scans, release date, storyline and much more to read


There’s one thing in the back this coming Sunday that lets you see exactly what the updates have to offer us.

Rob Lucci is shown feeding pigeons from the garden. In battle, Kaido unleashed his new attack called Kaifu, the harmful breeze.

Then he also sent an attack that included the worst generation and landed Captain Kidd’s robot. Captain Kidd managed to live because the robot is made of metal objects.

Luffy avoids the attack by jumping, and Zoro cuts the attack with his sword.

Chapter 1003 of Onepiece will be published on Sunday 7 February 2021. This Manga can be found on VIZ alongside Manga Plus.

Once you release the spoilers from the next chapter, we’ll upgrade you. Once Pice recently came back on a weekly break.

One Piece Chapter 1003 just across the corner. With the release of the final chapter, manga fans are currently delighted to see the continuation of this exact match between 2 Yonko and the worst of the generations.

In this manga how-to guide, we’ll share with you every important point we know about the upcoming chapter in a single manga.

Details like release day, potential spoilers, final chapter summary, as well as strategies for reading that manga on the web will likely be discussed.

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