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Chainsaw Man Chapter 89 Spoilers, Raw Scans Release Date

What does a broke man and a dog devil make? A Chainsaw Man! You can cut him, blast him, shoot him, impale him, skewer him or send him to space – he lives and he kills. Chainsaw Man Chapter 89 will continue showing us the utter badassery of our protagonist.

In the latest chapter, our protagonist got ambushed by a group of trained devil hunters, considered to be the best of the best. First, they blew up the building supporting him. As he tried to flee, he was pierced and restrained.

He is taken up at the sky where Chainsaw Man responds by cutting up his opponent into pieces. As he falls, a spear impales him and Makima blasts him repeatedly.

The repeated Bangs by Makima sends him to outer space. Chainsaw Man rips out his heart and in a baseball method, pitches it straight to earth. He then regenerates from the heart, binds up his opponents and immediately chops them into two.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 89

Chainsaw Man 89 will be the end of the bloody battle between Chainsaw Man and Devil Extermination Special Division 5. This is definitely the climax of this arc and we are here to discuss where the story is headed next. What does fate have in store for Denji?

There are chances of Chainsaw Man Anime getting announced very soon as well.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 89Raw Scans And Release Date:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 89 raw scans will be released in the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, on 14 October, 2020. These will be in Japanese. Hence, fan translators will work on it to provide us with the English version. It will probably be on 15 October, 2020.

This week, the Official release is reaching us early. Chainsaw Man 89 official English release is set to arrive on 16 October 2020. You can read the chapter for free on Viz and Mangaplus websites and the Shonen Jump app.

My Hero Academia 288 and Black Clover 268 will also be releasing on the same day as the upcoming Chainsaw Man chapter, so make sure to check them out as well.

Chainsaw Man Manga 89 Discussion:

As you can see, the destruction goes on. If not a building, if not a vehicle, then it will be people – the series is bound to wreck something every chapter of this arc. Chainsaw Man 89 will probably show us more dilapidation; maybe even on a much larger scale.

What is Makima trying to do?

Makima has some sort of endgame planned for this world – possibly her own version of utopia. And for that, she needs the unfathomable power of Chainsaw Man. Unfortunately for her, Denji and Pochita combined to become Chainsaw Man and they won’t be manipulated by her.

So Makima puts together a team of elites to attempt an assassination. Her team fights to the best of their abilities but Chainsaw Man is just too strong. Most of them are chopped up into several pieces and scattered all over the place. Even Makima got cut into two!

But we know Makima to be extremely smart and manipulative. She knew the power of Chainsaw Man. And that is why we believe that she isn’t done. Chainsaw Man 89 will probably show the next stage of Makima’s plan. Surely she had some contingency planned – or maybe all of this was just a diversion.

How did Chainsaw Man survive the assault?

We saw him to be extremely durable and his usage of skills is very innovative. But in this battle, his body has been violated way too much. And after Makima sent him out of the atmosphere, his whole body probably burst from the inside. And so, he deemed it better to regenerate from square one instead of healing.

We’re basing this on the fact that Makima said Chainsaw Man has to breath. That means he still has human parts and can potentially die by suffocation. And so, his body has the blood pressure just like humans. In space, the blood ruptures his inner organs and his body nears death.

Hence, Chainsaw Man ripped out his heart, pitched it at Earth and regenerated wholly. What followed what simple payback. He proved once again that he is the greatest.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 89 Spoilers and theories:

Given the early release, it is improbable that we will get spoilers this week. The leaks won’t really matter since the fan translation will arrive on 15th October. Nevertheless, keep an eye on our website. As soon as we find any leaks, we will post them in this section.

Moving on to the theory part, we are going to take a shot at Chainsaw Man 89 spoilers. We believe that the next part of Makima’s plan will be revealed. We have a feeling that Kishibe will return. It will be very interesting if Kishibe decides to battle Chainsaw Man.

We all love master vs student battle, although Denji is technically indisposed. But we are also curious to see the full extent of Kishibe’s might. He possesses multiple Devils – maybe he can prove to be a slight match for Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Manga 89 will probably be the return of Makima. Within the last 10 chapters, she has died 3 times and yet, she returned unharmed. It’s only natural that she returns again – and if Kishibe joins her to realize her ideal world, that would be another huge development.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news regarding the Chainsaw Man chapter. So stay tuned and also check our articles on Kingdom 657 and Boruto Chapter 51 as they will be out soon too.

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