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Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Raw, Spoilers Release Date

Fans are waiting eagerly to see how Ochako handles Toga in Boku no My Hero Chapter Academia 289 spoilers and today we will discuss all the details of the upcoming chapter in this article.

Too much of the same thing can become boring – which is why Horikoshi shook things up with a quieter chapter. As we predicted, it is a confrontation between Toga and Ochako.

My Hero Academia is written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. Boasting great sales, the series has become one of Shueisha’s most prominent titles and it’s Season 5 anime will be released pretty soon as well.

It can be considered as one of the big 3 of the Weekly Shonen Jump ongoing titles. Season 5 of the anime is coming in 2021 and it will adapt the U.A Class A vs Class B battle!

My Hero Academia Chapter 289

After an intense battle sequence, the story has shifted to a more ideal-oriented path. We have jumped to the second battlefront and here, Toga is looking for answers. Ochako doesn’t only have to beat Toga physically, she has to prove her hero ideals and make some real choices. That makes My Hero Academia 289 and item of great interest.

My Hero Academia 289 will show that this Paranormal Front Liberation War has shifted to its final phase. Shigaraki has suffered a defeat and now he must recuperate before striking again. Gigantomachia and the League members are left to be dealt with as Toga checks how heroes are built morally.

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Release Date:

My Hero Academia manga is on break, unlike One Piece 992, Hero Academia 289 will not be released this week. This is a break after so many weeks so we totally understand that even the author needs rest.

My Hero Academia 289 Raw Scans are supposed to arrive on 28 October 2020. You can rent these from the shonenjumpplus website – remember, these are the Japanese scans.

The raws will be translated within 30 October, 2020. These fan translation of the chapter into various language can be retrieved if you google for them.

On 1 November 2020, the official scans of Boku Hero Academia 289 will be released. They will be in English and you can read them legally. And they are absolutely free on Viz and Mangaplus websites and the Shonen Jump app.

Black Clover 269 and Attack On Titan Chapter 134 will also be releasing soon so make sure to check them online while you wait for the MHA spoilers to get released.

Read My Hero Academia 289 Spoilers:

So far, there are no spoilers. It is way too early for My Hero Academia 289 leaks. Be patient and keep an eye on our site.

We will post the spoilers as soon as they are available, right in this section. It probably won’t be until 29 October, that we get to see the leaks.

Boku no Hero Academia 289 Predictions & Discussion:

In this final phase of the arc, we are going to have a deeper look into heroes and villains. It is a set up for the next arc because we believe big changes are in order.

Shigaraki has effectively shook up the Hero society and it is evident that the heroes must be far stronger to be able to deal with the villains.

Also, they have suffered great casualties and must recover quickly – what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Who is that passenger asking questions?

This is a mystery that we’ll have to wait until bnha 289 to solve. We can only see the silhouette and all we know is that he or she is concerned about Jaku City and that he or she is still healing. That is not enough to make an educated guess.

Why is Gigantomachia moving?

It is true that Gigantomachia was ingested with powerful tranquilizer. But we have to keep in mind that it was hastily created by Momo, in large quantities. So maybe its quality took a beating.

Also, Gigantomachia has various healing quirks that are probably preventing the medicine from working on him. Midnight is out cold so making him fall asleep is impossible. Hence, the giant moves.

My Hero Academia Manga 289 might show more efforts to hold him but all in vain. We believe he will reach Shigaraki and snatch him away from the heroes – they’re all exhausted and can’t possibly fight all the league members.

Why is Toga chasing Ochako and Tsuyu?

The death of Bubaigawara, or Twice if you will, has severely affected the League members. They’re villains, they do what they want; but they still have a human side to them and camaraderie is important in the League.

Twice loved the league members and they all formed a great bond. In fact, the League was the only place where Twice felt like home.

And thus, just like how our heroes crave vengeance, the villains are craving it too. If they see Hawks, it’s a blood battle for sure. But Toga is seeking a different path. She wants to face Heroes in making, she wants to question their morals. What makes a hero? Where do they draw the line? Why is killing okay for them?

This is what Toga will ask Ochako in My Hero Academia Chapter 289. If our hero can give a proper answer, she won’t have to fight. Toga wants to know how a Hero’s mindset works.

Thing is, we believe she is just trying to shift the blame. She feels guilty about not being able to save Twice and so, she wants to crush the budding heroes to satisfy her agony.

What is the next step for Ochako?

Forget stroking the ego of one stupid villain. With the lives of hundreds of people in jeopardy, Ochako’s path is clear. She has to remove whatever obstacle she faces and then go evacuate the people. She also has to inform the other battlefront about the incoming crisis.

My Hero Academia 289 will probably show Ochako going in to defeat Toga. We believe they will fight for a while and that is when Toga will spring the question on Ochako.

Our little hero will be stumped and that is when the morals train comes in. In the next few chapters, we are going to know more about the psyche of the heroes.

So this was our article on upcoming Hero Academia 289 spoilers and raw scans and we will be updating this article with more information on a daily basis. So stay tuned and also check our article on No Game No Life Season 2.

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