Black Clover Episode 164 introduces Dante’s new magic against the Black Bulls


The previous episode of Black Clover kicks off Captain Yami of the Black Bulls starting against Dante Zogratis of the Dark Triad. Moreover, with the anime announcing its climax, viewers around the world are longing for the end. Episode 164 will be released on Tuesday.

The previous episode focuses on multiple lines. It starts with a gray flashback. This explains why Gray is not confident in showing off her natural look. Ultimately, it’s a massive growth in strength for Gray.

Dante looks pretty strong at first; However, Yami is unaware of Dante’s immense power. Furthermore, Yami It is Dante’s worst match because he uses dark magic, and can easily nullify Dante’s Gravity. Yami deals a hit with his Ki chop on Dante, but will that make him hold back? We’ll definitely get an answer in Black Clover Episode 164.

We also see Vanica’s forces defy Soul Guardians in the Heart Realm. The Spirit Guardians have a hard time against the minions of darkness. This is where Luck comes in.

According to the preview, we see a word exchange between Dante and other Black Bulls and Charmy appear.

The next episode of the Black Clover anime, titled Heart Kingdom Battlefield. Black Clover Episode 164 will release on February 16, 2021 On Crunchyroll.

As for the staff, Episode’s director is Fumio Maezono, and the Storyboard is from Takashi Iida.

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Black Clover post introduces episode 164 of Dante’s new magic against the black bulls that first appeared on Spoiler Guy.

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