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Black Clover Episode 148 Eng Sub Release Date, Spoilers And Preview

Devil Believers are about to enter the strong mana zone, but before that happens, they must face Yami now. The upcoming Black Clover Episode 148 release date and preview has been released and today we will be discussing them in detail.

Black Clover is soon to enter the Spade kingdom arc where Asta and friends will fight the dark triad members, but before that we have got a few filler episodes we have to get around.

The Devil believers and their anger towards the people able to use magic has led them to a path that has made them betray their own kingdom and seek power from devils.

Even though Asta is doing is best to relay his though to all the devil believers, no one is ready to pay attention to his words and they keep on moving towards the Spade kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 148

But before they enter Spade kingdom borders, they must go through the neutral zone and since they are someone with very little to none mana, they need to pool their strength together so that they can cross this thick mana zone.

Asta and Noelle have decided to become their hostage so that they can let Nero go. Just when the devil believers were about to enter the thick mana zone, Yami enters and that’s where the last episode ended.

All the details regarding Black Clover Episode 148 Eng sub release date, spoilers, and preview. Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 3 will also be releasing soon, so make sure to check it out.

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Black Clover Episode 148 Release Date

Black Clover has been releasing one good episode after another and we can’t wait for the upcoming Ep 148. As we all know, all the Black Clover episodes are released on Tuesday and the upcoming chapter will be released on the same day next week i.e October 20,2020.

To the people who are wondering where they can watch the upcoming episode, all the Black Clover episodes are available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Only the English subbed versions will be available for now and the Dubbed versions will be available to watch after few months. We will update the article when the dub versions are available.

Also, if you are into manga then make sure to check out Black Clover manga 268 as it will be releasing this Sunday on the Shonen Jump website.

Black Clover Ep 148 Spoilers And Predictions

The title of the upcoming episode of Black Clover anime is “To become the light that illuminates the darkness”. The upcoming episode is all about Yami against the Devil Believers.

The main question going on in everyone’s mind is how will they fight when they have less to no mana against veteran magic knights like Yami. We saw a glimpse of how the devil believers will fight in the preview given at the end of Episode 147.

It seems like all the devil believers will pool their mana to create a single powerful attack. Or maybe they will pour their mana into one person who will go against the Black bulls.

The chances of devil believers winning is very slim, but what if a devil comes to aid them? It certainly is possible since they are near the spade kingdom border.

Here’s something we found on Twitter regarding the upcoming Black Clover Episode 148 synopsis.

Now you must be thinking, what about the trailer or preview of the upcoming Black Clover anime episode?

Well, here you go.

We will update the article if we get any new information about the upcoming episode. So stay tuned and also check our articles on One Piece Episode 946 and Boku no Hero Academia 288.

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