Black Clover Chapter 303: spoilers, initial scans, release date, story, preview, leaks and what to expect in this chapter


The Black Clover manga is back from a one-week break, while the 303 bankruptcy is going global and what spoilers have leaked online? In the concluding week, manga readers around the world had to discover something else to fill their Sunday schedule.

Fortunately, many of our favorites will be back this weekend including Black Clover, which is slated to release v303. So while enthusiasts across the sector will be able to read about the evolving bankruptcy and what kind of preview did the leaked spoilers reveal?

Release date and time Chapter 303

Black Clover 303 bankruptcy is ready for international release on Sunday, August 22nd. This release date has been shown by the media, with chapters usually being released worldwide in the following global states:

Pacific Time: 9am PT Sunday, August 22

Starting time: 11 a.m. CST on Sunday, August 22

Japan time: 12 noon EST on Sunday, August 22

British time: 5pm GMT on Sunday, August 22

European time: 6pm CEST on Sunday, August 22

Indian time: nine. 30pm IST on Sunday 22nd August

Philippines Time: 12 AM Philippine Time on Monday 23 August

Australia time: 1. 30 a.m. EST on Monday, August 23

The class may be available without spending a dime via modal, as is the case nowadays and the first three chapters within the series.

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spoilers Chapter 303

At the time of writing, only short spoilers about Black Clover 303’s financial ruin have been leaked online. The following spoilers have been made available using user “kamikazemender” on Reddit, with additional specific leaks expected to be revealed up front as far as the global launch of Chapter 303.

Titled Bankruptcy 303 “Excellent Information,” it has 14 separate pages and opens with flashbacks of nozel to keep Noelle after a Vanica and acier struggle. It was then discovered that Nozel had been properly cursed, along with her curse because he could not speak of the megicula and their history.

But then we see the battle of nozel and megicula, with Nozel admitting that he became obsessed with electricity and turned stronger. Nozel creates an opening for Noel to provide Noel with the last attack on the filigree, which lands directly through the coronary heart.

Acer embraces both Nozel and Noelle at one closing time and with their souls passing sooner or later, she tells the couple they’ve both ended up being humans strong.

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