Black Clover Chapter 280: Spoilers: Nacht vs Morris’ Battle Is Confirmed, Raw Scans Leaking Online!


In the outside of the Spade Kingdom Castle, Meriolona swaps with all the giant prehistoric creatures. Tickle the critter. It screams whether that is the full strength of a super powerful giant creature.

Suspension of knights who see the struggle. That’s “exactly what a wonderful wizard.” They stated that upon seeing the strikes, Merrillona landed on the giant creature.

Xenon combats Yuno and his allies begin attacking the clover kingdom from the new chapter “Black Clover” Chapter 280 concludes with Asta so far of the Devil’s Rituals.

Fans might remember that in chapter 279 of the movie Black Clover, Mereoleona vermilion flaunted the remains of the burning demon. The Spade Kingdom resistance team is amazed at Mereoleona’s energy. Later on, Ralph, Rades, Sally, Makusa, Seki and Team Immunity also arrive.

Ralph Albert tells how Yuno now turned into a skilled wind wizard. He compares Yuno’s physical appearance to that of Lady Ciel and adds that he has attained the status of Lord Loyce.

Elsewhere, Blomed tells Nacht about another conflict. Nacht refers to the way in which the most powerful knights of magic in the kingdom exceeded his expectations. Meanwhile, Jack cuts Dante and the latter needs him to continue entertaining him. Jack is upset and really wants Dante to die.

The roots of the Qliphoth tree are “the empty mana of your entire world,” although now demons originate from the Spade tribe and the castle returns as well.

Nacht wants to shoot Morris first, but he needs to bargain with Lilith and Nehema.

His demon, “Plumid,” tells him to expire with him, while Zenon bends Yuno over to reveal someone who will eventually reveal “who will die.” From here, demons will begin to attack the clover kingdom.

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