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Black Clover 269 Manga Chapter Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

We were wrong! That went the opposite way! It was not Asta’s memories – it was the devil’s memories that we saw. Asta is still an orphan whose parents are unknown. Does Black Clover 269 have more surprises for us? We are so excited to find out.

A mother losing her child always hurts – and this time, it was such an unconventional bond. Liebe! That’s his name. Asta’s devil is Liebe and he is a good devil. Not only was Asta right, but also Liebe has a mission that aligns with Asta’s!

This was truly emotional!

Black Clover 269

The face might look evil but the heart is in the right place – they killed his mother, the only person who loved and accepted him.

How can he not seek vengeance? Asta is just a tool to him. But we can’t blame the guy. Black Clover Chapter 269 will be the stage for Asta to prove himself before Liebe.

The introduction of the devil was everything that we have been longing for so long and we wish to see it animated very soon. Black Clover Episode 148 is going to be released this week so make sure to check it out too.

Black Clover Manga 269 Raw Scans Release Date:

With no breaks in sight, Black Clover 269 raw scans will be releasing on 21 October 2020, in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. These will be in Japanese – hence they will be picked up by translators.

The fan translators will release the English, Korean, French, etc versions within October 23, 2020.

Black Clover Devil

The Legal and high-quality version of Black Clover 269 drops on October 25, 2020. These are, of course, the official English translated version. Find them on Viz, Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen Jump app – they’re free to read for 3 weeks.

One Piece 993 Spoilers and My Hero Academia 289 will also be releasing around the same as the Black clover chapter, so make sure to check them out and let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section.

Read Black Clover 269 Spoilers:

Come back to our website and check this section on October 22, 2020. Since there is no break this week, we expect the raw scans and spoilers to be released very soon.

We’re sure that by then, we will find some leaks to provide to you. Any spoilers we find, we will share with you. So just be patient.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Predictions & Discussion:

Not gonna lie, we did not see that coming. Maybe Black Clover 269 will go further and surprise us more with wild twists!

The lowest class of devils – Asta always draws the short straw. Still, questions arise and we are here to discuss them.

Why is Liebe such a hateful Devil?

The environment has a big role in shaping an individual. Now imagine Liebe’s life – tortured from childhood, he never got the chance to harbor any positive feelings for the devilkind. If he was like other devils, who tortured, as well as got tortured, he might have been different.

But Liebe was at the bottom, he only got tortured. And with no powers, he had it worse. After this, he finds some happiness and lives a peaceful life. Then, the Devilkind goes on to take everything he has, putting him back into a life of misery.

It’s pretty self explanatory why he has so much rage built up. Black Clover Manga 269 will probably tell us how he plans to act according to his wishes. It was Lucifero, who hurt him the most. And Dante possesses Lucifero’s power.

Going ahead, Asta is going to shred Dante to pieces and Lucifero along with him. Sweet vengeance for both man and devil!

How did Asta receive Licita’s power?

This is a mystery we might solve in Black Clover 269. Licita probably had anti-magic. She sucked out magic and life force. Asta got the power of Anti Magic after receiving the Grimoire. Liebe was sealed into the Grimoire. So how does it all correlate?

It’s very easy to miss. Licita is placing something – looks like a basket. We believe that is the infant Asta. Yes, we still believe this is Asta’s mom. She sucked out life force and so, she had to ditch Asta!

Question is, how was the Anti Magic passed on? And why not Life sucking power? Why didn’t it manifest until Asta received the Grimoire? This is what we’re hoping to find out in Black Clover chapter 269 spoilers.

What is that Grimoire in Licita’s possession?

It’s said that a Five-Leaf grimoire has a Devil. So, if Licita found the Grimoire, doesn’t that mean the Grimoire already had a devil. Is this a hint that Asta can have two devils? Because Liebe was sealed into it later.

There is also the thing about Lucifero. He clearly tried to possess Licita’s body but was thwarted. This means humans can reject devils, even the high ranking ones, if they have certain abilities. This might come back later.

Lastly, the swords in the Grimoire. Where did they come from? They don’t belong to Liebe – so are they the original power of the Grimoire? They must have some other ability – we might find out more about this in Black Clover Chapter 269.

Is Liebe taking over Asta’s body?

Asta and Liebe can be good friends – they are both magicless and life hasn’t really given them the best treatment. Asta’s nature is can help Liebe regain the love that he lost and Liebe can help Asta get ahead.

Plus, they both hate devils – Liebe hating the entire kind and Asta hating a select few. Combining powers can be beneficial.

Black Clover 269 might also reveal if Asta is truly Licita’s child or not. That would make Liebe his brother. If that happens, we can get a clear shot at their friendship without any long shonen-y speech. Plus, Asta wouldn’t have to win this fight, one where he is clearly quite outmatched.

We will update this article once the spoilers are available. So stay tuned and don’t forget to check our articles on Kingdom Chapter 658 and Solo Leveling 124 while you wait and don’t forget to share this with your friends online.

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