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Black Clover 267 Manga Chapter Raw Scans, Spoilers Release Date

The preparations are ongoing and the magic knights are in training! But Black Clover fans are far more interested in Asta’s training – controlling the Devil is way too exciting. Black Clover 267 will show us an amazing fight for power.

Black Clover is heavily inspired by Naruto. The hero used leaked powers of the demon inside him. Now, an experienced power user is teaching the hero how to draw more power.

The hero has to fight the inner demon and seize power. We got that in Naruto vs Kurama with Killer Bee near; now we’re getting it in Asta vs Devil with Nacht near.

This chapter raises a few interesting questions. What country other than Heart and Clover is joining this mission? Whose mansion is Asta training in? What is up with Magna and Zora? How did Nacht come across so many Devils? How will Asta win? Is Asta’s connection special?

Black Clover 267

We have made a long discussion and prediction thread below for you to check, but before that let’s check out the release date of Black Clover Chapter 267 and when we can expect the raw scans to get released.

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Black Clover Manga 267 Raw Scans Release Date:

The Raw Scans of Black Clover 267 will be released on 7th October 2020. Followed by that, we will receive the English translation of the chapter made by the fans. The date is expected to be 9th October 2020.

Then there are the official scans; these are high quality and get included in the volumes. Black Clover 267 will be available on 11th October 2020. Read them for free on Viz, Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen Jump app.

Read Black Clover 267 Spoilers [Spoiler Alert]

Please be patient and keep an eye on our website. We will upload the spoilers of Black Clover manga chapter 267 as soon as they are available. Any panel leak or text spoilers we find, we will upload in this section for you to check out.

But while we wait for the spoilers to get released, check out a recap of the last chapter.

What happened in the last chapter?

Julius confirms the alliance between Heart and Clover Kingdom. They’re all determined to save their beloved. Nacht appears in the Clover hideout and antagonizes all the members by pointing out their flaws. Nacht prefers complete goodness and hates former outlaws. He asks the Black Bulls to get stronger.

Meanwhile, Nacht has to train Asta to control his Devil power and they visit an abandoned mansion. They will perform the ‘Ritual of the Servant’ – The devil is summoned temporarily and Asta has to defeat it and seize its power for himself.

Black Clover Chapter 267 Predictions And Discussion

First of all, this training arc will not be a very long one – it’s just 2 days and stretching too much will take out the urgency from the situation. In fact, we believe that other than Asta, the trainings will be off-screened for now and revealed in bits during the fights. Black Clover 267 will focus on Asta battling his Devil.

Here’s how we think the fight will go: Asta will face an unsurmountable wall. The Devil will overwhelm him. Nacht will step in and provide the necessary guidance. Asta will pull through and defeat the Devil. A certain amount of power will come from Asta’s love for Captain Yami. Asta will subdue his Devil but they won’t exactly be friends right now.

Black Clover Chapter 267 might give us more info about Asta’s Devil. Because the last devil we saw was complete covered in Black layer. However, Asta’s Devil is partially covered with Black cast and a part of its face is showing. Is there a deeper story behind the Devils? There is so much to find out!

One thing we would like to note is that Black Clover has learnt from Naruto. Despite the similarities, Clover has real consequences to actions. We saw that Asta’s arm is truly gone. He paid the price. Now the Devil dwells in it. The upcoming fight might end up costing Asta some more.

Now there are some other points that are somewhat hazy for now. The fight will probably go on for 3 chapters and somewhere here, we might get to know more about Asta’s lineage. His flashback, that woman – that hasn’t been explored yet and fans are curious. Then there is Nacht – what made him this way? Is he the Noble to whom the mansion belongs? The photo frame had black haired people. Could be Nacht.

Black Clover 267 might shed more light on the other nation joining this alliance. One would think it is Diamond Kingdom (Spade, Heart, Clover and Diamond) but we think not. We believe it is Spade Kingdom. Not the whole part, just revolutionaries. We know that Spade’s throne was usurped and people loyal to the old cause still remain. Maybe they’re trying to beat Dark Triad and make Yuno King.

If not Spade loyals or Diamond, then the only choice is Elysia – but that seems farfetched. Why would Elysians have any interest in Dark Triad? Or maybe this is another small country oppressed by the Triad. After all, if they can bleed Clover and Heart, they can definitely take out smaller nations.

Black Clover Manga 267 is unlikely to show the training of Knights other than Asta but on the off chance that it does, we would really like to see Yuno. The deuteragonist has had so many negative moments and it will be nice to see him training with proper motivation.

We will keep send you the notification once the raw scans and spoilers are out. Also, you should check out our articles on Attack On Titan 133 and Boruto Chapter 51 as they will be releasing soon as well.

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