Black Clover 243 Raw and Black Clover Chapter 243 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Asta vs Dante It gets more intense and we can’t wait for the release for Black Clover 243 raw scans and spoilers.

The upcoming Black Clover Manga Chapter 243 will show us more about Asta’s new demon form and how it will help him and the Black Bulls in the fight against Dante of the dark triads.

Asta has unlocked an entirely new model and we have no idea whether Asta can control it or not. We all know how strong Asta is and if he has unfolded that new demon form, he will surely be able to use it to the fullest in the fight against Dante.

Gauche is injured, and that was the catalyst for Asta to unlock its new form, and we have no idea if Gauche will survive or not. There are many questions in the fan’s mind and we can’t wait to read what happens in the Black Clover Chapter 243 spoilers.

Black Clover 243
Before we move on to the spoilers of the upcoming Black Clover chapter, let’s take a look at what happened in the last chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 242 recap and summary
In Black clover Chapter 242, the fight is still going on and even though Gauche and Vanessa are helping Asta, his attacks are not connecting and Dante is still coming on top.

Dante steps up a notch and starts using fifty percent of his demon-possessed magic form and starts going on the offensive once more.

Dante is now faster, stronger and able to overpower Asta more easily. Vanessa uses her magic to tip the scales in Asta’s favor but Dante instantly retaliates and his words alone are powerful enough to send shivers down Vanessa’s body.

Dante realizes that Asta and he are both possessed by demons and tries to get more out of Asta’s demon form by provoking him.

Asta is angry but calm and so to get his demon out, Dante pierces Gauche’s body with his dark sword. Asta gets angry and we get to see a new form of Asta’s demon magic and that’s where the chapter ends and we can’t wait to read Black Clover Manga 243 spoilers.

Black Clover 243 Spoilers Releasing Soon
We got to see Asta’s new demon form in the last chapter and it seems like Asta has unlocked a whole new form and gotten strong once again.

It seems like the demon has completely possessed Asta and they can’t wait to tear Dante’s body apart in two pieces. Yami is still to return and there is no news on Noelle and Charmy’s fight.

The upcoming Black Clover manga chapter 243 might show more of Noelle fighting at the Heart kingdom and maybe Yami will return to help the Black Bulls in need.

What will happen to Gauche? Will he die or survive? The wound seems to be fatal but it doesn’t look like it will do much to Gauche.

Maybe it was Gauche’s duplicate that got stabbed and it’s not the real Gauche’s body. We will get to know more about it in the upcoming Black clover spoilers for Chapter 243.

Black Clover Chapter 243 Raw Scans Release Date
Mangastream and Jaiminisbox have stopped Black Clover scanlations for good and the new scanlations groups are taking their sweet time every week translating the chapter.

The English raw scans for Black Clover manga 243 will be released on 13th March 2020 and we will share the raw scans here as soon as they get released.

The translation from Japanese to English takes time and this is why the chapters get released late. The Black Clover raw scans will be first available on Reddit and then we will share them here.

When will Black Clover 243 get officially released?
Black Clover manga chapter 243 will be officially released on 15th March 2020 for everyone.

Where to read the upcoming Black Clover manga 243?
The chapter will be available to read officially on Viz and Mangaplus.