Black Clover 240 Raw & Black Clover Chapter 240 Releasing Soon

The last chapter was just released and Yuno is not dead, Vangeance healed him with the world tree magic and now we can’t wait to read the Black Clover 240 raw and Black Clover Chapter 240 spoilers.

We all expected Asta and Black bulls to arrive on the scene and then Noelle to heal Yuno, but what happened was just the opposite of what we thought.

Vangeance is still alive and before Zeno took Vangeance with him, Vangeance cast the World tree recovery magic spell on Yuno and all the Golden dawn members to heal them.

The world tree magic is activated and that heals Yuno and Klaus. They thought the world tree magic will heal the rest as well but the magic can’t heal those who are already dead.

Shiren and Hamon couldn’t be saved and Yuno is very angry at himself calling himself weak and not able to protect anybody.

Yuno is getting flustered about how captain Vangeance was taken by Zeno and most of his teammates are dead and he was not able to save anyone of them. Yuno is going to get stronger as the chapter progresses but we all know we need someone stronger right now to show up.

Then we see more people from the spade kingdom and a man who seems to be the leader of them. They look like another set of the triads and the identity of the arcane stage mage has finally been revealed.

Yami Sukehiro is the arcane stage mage. We will get to know more about him soon, what does an Arcane stage mage mean? We will get answers to all our questions in the upcoming Black Clover Manga 240 spoilers.

Black Clover 240 Spoilers And Predictions

Now that Yuno has been healed, we can’t wait to see what he does next. Will he go behind Vangeance and Zeno or the new team of triads will raid the Clover kingdom.

The arcane stage mage has been revealed and there will be a new attack soon on the clover kingdom. Will Yuno be able to defend and defeat the enemy this time or will Yuno and party fail again?

Asta has been away for a few chapters and it’s time for him to make his entry. If there is going to be an attack on Yami, Asta is sure to fight and save Yami from the upcoming attack.

We can’t wait to watch Yuno and Asta fight together again and that’s why we can’t wait to read Black Clover 240 spoilers and raw scans.

We will be sharing the links to the chapter as soon as they get released. Feel free to read our Kingdom 631 and Solo leveling 105 chapters online.