Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 Covers a Agreement between a Father and Son. Beastars Season 2 Episode 6


The previous episode of Beastars Season 2 was titled Call it Like it. The episode covers the events after Juno visits Lewis on the black market. Juno does her best to convince him to return to school. However, Lewis’s decision is unshakable.

In the latter half, the action revolves around Legoshi, now Gohin’s disciple. He cuts his fur and conceals his identity so that Shishigumi does not recognize him. And this is how his training begins. He stays in school during the day and the black market at night. The episode ends with Lewis pointing a gun at his father. The story continues now in the sixth episode of the second season.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 subtitles

Beastars Episode 18 will adapt the story from Chapter 65 of the manga. In this episode, Legoshi will continue his training under Gohin. Moreover, Lewis might finally get wrapped up with his dad.

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Release day

According to the release schedule, Episode 6 of Season 2 of The Beastars will release on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Where are you watching?

All episodes of Beastars Season 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

Beastars is an anime not just for furs. It deals with the problems of the modern era of racism, multiculturalism and heterogeneity. The story revolves around the wolf Legoshi who falls in love with Haru, a white dwarf rabbit. The plot is interesting as the story progresses. Here is the trailer for Season 2:

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