Battle Tartare in ARK Mobile and how to make Shadow Steak?


Fried Shadow Steak is one of the most popular Rockwell recipes observed in ark: survival. This recipe provides the participant with low heat insulation, reduced recoil of the weapon, and the ability to look in the dark.

The simplest to eat this dish in the dark. It makes the light receptors of your eyes end up overactive, improves hand-eye coordination, and allows your body to shrug off temperature extremes.

How to use these three methods to produce an object. You can use the element identifier, the schema path, or the GFI, which is part of the schema cycle that includes the object invocation.

To create an object with the item ID, use the command: “admin cheat giveitemnum”. To generate the element with the planned path, use the command: “admin cheat give them”.

How to make shadow steaks and lime battle in ARK mobile?

You can make these recipes in a cooking pot or commercial cooker, industrial cooker is more difficult to make and it unlocks at some point in the game ending levels in stage 89, however it prepares dinner faster and can contain more ingredients as compared to cooking. Openable cooking pot until you reach stage 16.

To prepare shadow steak dinner, you’ll need the items listed below.

Three cooked meat
rock carrot
save root
20 mejoberries
8 drugs

If you have all 5 ingredients, put them in a cooking pot or a petrol-working cooker, if you are using a cooking pot, then load the wood and water properly, the lighting powder can also work in the wood’s place, and let it make.

battle of lime

To cook the clashing lime, you may need to index the items down.

8 Alarm
3 uncooked prime meat
2 Uncommon flower
20 mejoberries

Take all these 6 ingredients and put them in a commercial cooking pot or stove with gas, if you are using a cooking pot, then load the wood and water as well, the lighting powder can also work instead of the wood, and let it brew.

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