Attack on Titan Chapter 137 The Complete Summary of the Spoilers: The Alliance Finally Ceased to Grow Up


Attack on Titan Chapter 137 is spoilers and fans have translated the leaks. It’s kind of baffling but now things are clear and one can understand what is happening in the manga storyline. The translators have compiled a complete summary of Attack on Titan 137 but there could be many errors and therefore everything should be taken with caution.

Warning: Attack on Giants Chapter 137 spoilers ahead

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 full summary of spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 detailed summary

Armin and Zek talk about the meaning of life on the path. Zec believes that the purpose of giving birth to men to this world is simply to live, mate, reproduce, and die.

But Armin picks up a paper representing the EMA childhood memory, claiming that memories like this are of no use for reproduction, but they are not meaningless

The paper, which Zeke sees as a baseball game in his view, also commemorates the game of fishing ball he played with Koshava and Eren. In fact, these memories do not benefit childbearing, but he prefers to continue playing fishing ball.

Meanwhile, several deceased appeared in the background – Burko, Ymir (104th), Grisha, Kochva, Bertholdt, Marcel, etc., with the founder Ymir laying aside. Zeke and Armin asked for help.

Off the track, Annie Warner is challenged by Titans and is in grave danger. Then Bertholdt helped Annie and Galliard Bros with the help of Rainer. The Alliance was surprised to be helped by former Titans (with Kushava being a Titan Sheep Monster Lol)

On the other side, Gabi snaps Okapi Titan and gets his eye, Mikasa finishes it with a knockout, and spares Armin from his mouth.

Zeke agreed to sacrifice himself to stop the roar, so he emerged from the founding giant and waved to Levi, commenting on what was the most beautiful day to die before he beheaded his archenemy.

The rumbling stopped. Jin rushed to the head of the founding giant and pushed the detonator, blowing the giant’s head off his spine.

The spine of the Attack Titan tries to stick again to the head but unsuccessfully due to Renner’s resistance. Other coalition members are retreating to Falco, with Beck saying that Rayner is determined to stop Eren regardless of the cost, plus the shield can withstand detonation.

The attack on Titan chapter 137 ended with an explosion on the founding giant.

Source: Attack On Titan chapter 137 spoilers on Reddit

Titan Attack Chapter 137 will be officially released on February 9th and fans should always read manga from legal sources.


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